Christians and Atheists Discuss the Resurrection Debate

David Wood, the Apostate Prophet, InspiringPhilosophy, and MythVision discuss the resurrection debate between Dr. Mike Licona and Dr. Bart Ehrman.

To watch the debate between Dr. Mike Licona and Dr. Bart Ehrman, click here: Did the Resurrection of Jesus Really Happen? (LIVE Debate)

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I got all the proof I need when God busted me out of prison and practically drove the getaway car. I was 17 then and was free 12 years before they caught up. It’s been a wild romance since with many more stories to add. No, I’m not a Christian but I know the friendly god Abraham knew. I can vouch for Jesus too but not the religion.

Resurrection can also mean resuscitated… Just perhaps the story in Josephus historical writings about 3 on a cross in which he asked the emperor to take the 3 on the cross down, and stated that 2 died and one survived, although I don’t think the story mentions the names but what if the one whom survived was indeed Jesus!!! Resuscitated

Zakir Naik will definitely bulldoze these losers…

Hey all are Christian, none is atheist including Ridwan.
But we love David Wood Sir and his family ,always. He is a genuinely kind and generous person :+1:No need of proof for that

6:12 :joy::joy::joy:

The death , burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is not only a historic fact but one that could be attested to by the significant Christian experiences the scriptures prophesied and Jesus himself foretold.
Take for example the in filling of the Holy Ghost, Jesus promised that when he goes back to the Father, he will send to us the comforter who is the Holy Spirit and so the coming down of the Spirit is an express infallible evidence of Christ’s resurrection and ascension into heaven.
Also given His words again that the works that I do shall ye do and greater works than this because I go to my father , basing our participation in the great works he had started on his departure into heaven to his father, which will come prior to the coming of the Holy Ghost that will facilitate and equip us to participate in the works Jesus had started,
After being filled with the Holy Ghost in 2015 not only have been able to pray for the sick with evident manifestation of Christ’s power through me has he had said but others who also believed after me had the same experiences and more. Indeed Christ died , was buried and resurrection and ascended giving gifts onto men while he sat down at the right hand of the father .
Is it raising of the dead , I have witnessed it first hand as the Lord Jesus had done it through me once, is it instant recovery for the sickly and dying without any medical attention but prayer of faith in Jesus alone , I have experienced it tangibly, Christ did it again and again, is it the miraculous of supernatural provisions at very odd circumstances.
All this and more are proves of the eternal presence of the one who was who is and is to come .

So years ago I was a devote Atheist in the foster care system. Through a series of interesting life events I ended up getting placed in a foster home where the dad was a preacher man. I also ended up getting kicked out of this foster home and placed in a group facility that was very close to a church. I ended up going to the church and after drilling this “other preacher” I was baptized shortly before my 19th birthday. This preacher knew the Bible so well. Was able to answer my questions whether being serious or a total smart ass. I think the problem is a lot of people don’t actually know the Bible and aren’t equipped to answer the questions of a smart assed teenager. This was back in December 2006. I haven’t looked back. I enjoy watching debates like this. I suppose I’m on the opposite side of the fence. Anyway former Atheist from Kentucky (and Canada but too young to remember) here turned Bible believing Christian by a Star Wars and anime loving preacher from Ohio.

1:17:04 ish … Don’t ever forget that the Bible is full of Polemic, word play and the use of types and shadows guys, Captian America (Bottom right) should really discuss this with Hiesier and or Brown.


Jesus is Muhammad(the Praised-One), fools. A point was made but you guys missed it altogether due your poor reading skills.

But the adults in the room know that Muhammad is not a given name but a substitute title, a euphemism for Christ/Messiah. Since Jesus is said to be that Christ, then Jesus is Muhammad.

We make the difference between Islam and the Arab-Qureishites propaganda contained in the Hadiths, and the “Sira Rassul Allah,” etc…

That marketing gimmick was meant to capitalize on the pilgrimage to Mekka and not as historical facts. Kaabahism therefore is not Islam!

We also know that when someone writes a Constitution like the Constitution of Medina, receive embassies, passes legislations, proclaims a tax Codes, raises armies, signs treaties, etc… with some neighborhood nations, etc…, that person is in a role of a Founding Father like George Washington, Cyrus the Great, Caesar Augustus, Constantin the Great, or Alexander the Great, etc… We don’t take the word “Prophet” in the literal sense.

So, If you have ever wondered why a substitute title was needed for Jesus and a name shifting for the Arabian Founding Father, here you have it:
“Your people don’t want to hear about Jesus. And when His name is mentioned, lo! your people burst into clamor thereby…”
That is how OPTICAL ILLUSION is created:
We(the Children of Israel) send you, O Abu Quasim, among your own people so that they may believe in our God and His Messiah/Muhammad/Christ/Al-Massih, help Him, praise Him(Muhammad=the Praised-One), sing for Him evening and morning…"
"Remember when Jesus asked, “who will assist me in the way of God? The disciples replied: ‘we shall be the helpers of God. Bear witness we are Muslims.’”

By the way, According to Acts 11:26 is a Christian he who believes Jesus to be the Messiah, that is to say Christ, foretold by Moses in the Torah but rejected by Israel.
“I will send the Christ/Messiah, a Prophet/Messenger like you Moses, Him, they must listen…” Deut.18:15-19; Acts 3:22-25; Acts 7 ; John 4:24-26, etc…

The word CHRISTIAN was coined in Antioch of Syria and not in Athens, Rome, or Boston.
In that sense, Muslims are Christians because for Islam Jesus is the Christ announced in the Law and the Prophets, born of the Virgin Mary. You may as well check the Transfiguration in Matthew 17:1-13 where Jesus “oversees” a meeting between Moses the Lawgiver and someone who would ratify the same Law for the Arabs(the descendants of Ishmael). In Genesis, Abraham was promised many Princes for Ishmael.

So the Muslims are Christians certainly not of Paul’s Tradition, yet still Christians but the Americans are not…

Every American should know, then, that If Jesus is Lord, it stands to reason that Nature’s god is NOT.
Yet, Nature’s god in the Jefferson Bible and in the so-called 'Declaration Of Independence" claims just that…

And this is the official position of the American government because Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United States and is the one who penned the so-called “declaration of independence” which became the Law of the land in the Constitution.

Nature’s god in the Jefferson Bible inspired the “Bill Of rights” and specially the First Amendment which states that every religion under nature is as valid as the next; this is why polytheism and Idol worship enjoy special protection under Natural Law which pushed out Canonical Law or Sharia Law.

Nature’s god states that Jesus did not resurrect because there is no such thing as resurrection of the dead; men die and worms take care of their bodies and that, most surely, wild dogs took care of Jesus’ body.

Nature’s god claims that there is no supernatural, no miracles, no virginal birth, no revealed Law since Laws are a construct of societies and each society makes its own laws in accordance with its need.

That the Ten Commandments were not revealed and are no better than the Law of Hammurabi.

For Thomas Jefferson, the Apostle of Nature’s god, Nature’s god instituted government on earth to distribute rights without responsibity: right to liberty from morality, right to pursue happiness, happiness for all(We wonder how government will enforce happiness which is not a tangible good), and right to life…

Paul, Jesus-Christ’s Apostle to the “Pax Romana,” on other hand instructed us that Government was instituted on earth by God to keep order, render Justice for the equality of the Children of God in view of the Last Judgment.

Nature’s god insists that Life stops here and that there is NO immortality: “Let’s eat and drink for tomorrow we die, and nothing awaits us after death. Don’t be missing out…”

Jesus said man was born corrupted and can purify himself with the means God put at his disposal.
Nature’s god however holds that man was born perfect but got corrupted by government.
We wonder If all the jails built across their lands are only for members of government.

Nature’s god is truly Satan who set out to contradict the True God on every single line!

So If you are an American you should worry about the subversive nature of the American founding documents, America’s Nature’s god, and the fate of your impious founding fathers who worked hard to mislead mankind away from the Gospel.
Enough of that circular reasoning.

Please worry not about Islam; it has been around for more than 1000 years. I am just wondering If America would be around that long…!!!


Hi! I think the demons are better off than atheists. “You believe that there is one God you do well, even the demons believe and tremble…” James (2:19)

A friend is better than a foe love is better than hate to discuss openly with respect is better than using profanity and trying to get at one another throats but all in all it is easier to do wrong than to do right it is easier to believe a lie than the truth My Atheist friends need to listen to the song Amazing Grace a song sang and composed by a fellow Atheist brother who was in the jaws of death and was pulled out by the grace of God

I’m not gonna watch the video, but I didn’t realize that the Mythvision guy is extremely good looking.

Apuss the closet christian… Or should I say the closest thing to a christian on this panel…?

Excellent discussion. Well done!

Much respect but there is a general misunderstanding of entropy that many people have. Its an actual value assigned to the heat loss of a system. Its not disorder… its that only a perfect system would not lose energy over time. Its why the heat death of the universe is not cold or something… its just that all the universe reaches energy equilibrium and thus no more work can be done.

How long did do? I converted in prison too! I was Sufi follower of Islam before

I was a christian but now I am an agnostic. The main reason is because at one point in my life I was in some messy stuff and I preyed to God and I did not get any response. When I asked my church elders all I got was God gave you consciousness. I feel like our consciousness only react when we do some bad stuff but when we are the victim of some bad stuff consciousness is nowhere to be found

Jesus is the same yesterday today and for ever. Miracles are not only in the past from time to time among us walk a Anthony of Padua, a Matin of Porres or a Theresa of Calcutta that makes his love apparent to us. I enjoy the book of Roy Schoeman Salvation is from the Jews and The Case for Christ by Lee Strobelnd listening to Dr RICARDO CASTAÑÓN | RAZÓN HUMANA Y FE EN LA EUCARISTÍA.