Christians Preaching the Gospel to Muslims at a Mosque (California, Sept. 2019)

Pastor George Saieg took a team of Christians (including Jay Smith and David Wood) to a mosque to share the Gospel with Muslims. Here are some clips. To partner with Pastor George, visit his website:

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Very symbolic the colour of the red gift bags, standing for the free gift from God, his grace through the shedding of the precious blood of Jesus!

Warriors for christ…amen :pray:

Blessed are the feet :footprints: that bring the Good news

Christian when Muslims asking you about trinity ask them this question where in your Quran that say Allah created Jesus from the dust like Adam

Prophet Jesus, PBUH, said that he was not God and to worship God because there is only 1 God alone. Nowhere does Jesus say to worship him the the Holy Quar’an or the so called Bible. I am going to stick with obeying What Allah says and worship him alone :point_up:t3:

They Took the gospel to the gate of hell because Jesus said the gates of hell shall not prevail. Father help me


This is awesome. It takes real courage to take the gospel to the streets. We can keep the gospel to ourselves within the confinements of our church or living room or worst only in some sort of online fashion. Jesus said to take the Gospel to the lost. We are the light.

Possessing the gates of enemy …the devil who has captivated the ignorent Muslims. God loves them.

Amen Amen


All I can say is WOW

Christian nations (portuguese,dutch then british) came to my country with canon, rifles, warship and plunder our ports . Steal our natural resources. Exile our local people…

You will regret it on the promised day, and regret will not help

Praise to be Lord Jesus Christ. He is using His servants to save souls. Glory to God. O God it is my humble prayer that to protect your people and use them in more intense to reach out the as many as souls . Amen

The sadest thing about Islam is i stops Muslims becoming saved, :- (

And what u think any Muslim will accept ur trash … David woods career already ruined by shabir aly. Debate with Muslim. If u got any logic in that gospels w

I cant belief this if jesus was alive then he would say worship only the creator that he worship no more idol worship

Hallelujah bless you all out there ! Jesus is Lord.