Christmas: Fact-Checking the History Channel (LIVE with InspiringPhilosophy)

David Wood and Michael Jones (InspiringPhilosophy) will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing the History Channel’s claims about Christmas!

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1:22:30 well… There goes birthdays…

We’re just trying to celebrate the birth of our saviour. Who would war against that? :+1:t2:

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I really like if Christmas Eve there is a church on fire

Where is Christmas in the Bible? Jeremiah did not say anything about idols. Christians have merged many holidays. Nowhere in the Bible are birthdays celebrated, but they are in satanism. If it is not in the Bible should we really be making up Jesus’s birthday and forming a celebration around it? No. Where are this speakers sources then? Why are they better than every other source I have studied. This sounds like another excuse to keep this commercial pagan holiday going for selfish reasons.

Honestly I’ve got the the greatest relief watching this video. Thanks so much.

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Jesus and the apostles did celebrate Christmas but it isn’t written down. Jesus said, " it’s my birthday and I want a decorated tree, presents and turkey". Honestly, the ideas people come up with to try and make it look as though Christians made it all up are so infantile. Why would they go through great persecutions and horrible martyrdoms for total rubbish?

Many Christians refer to Jeremiah 10:1-10 to demonize Christmas trees but cutting down a tree and worshipping it as an idol and cutting down a tree and putting it in your house to celebrate Christmas are not the same. Unless people are worshipping Christmas trees then there is no application. To insist that having a Christmas tree in your house is equivalent to worship logically leads to meaning that having any kind of figurine in your house is equivalent to worship. Are people that enjoy carving animals out of wood and putting them around their houses guilty of worshipping them as idols because these same animals may have been carved and worshipped by pagans? Of course not.

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The Dutch have Zwarte Piet (Black Pete). Original sources portray him as a scary black guy with a chain, bag and a roe (bunch of branches to wipe with) I belief this was also a devil who was chained by Saint Nicolas. He could have horns but also a big hat or something, as long as he is scary.
Years ago I did some research on Roman offeringstones found “Lower and Upper Germania and Gaul” lets say in The Netherlands/Western Europe West of the Rhine. As far as i can tell, Odin is not mentioned on those stones, only local deities. I think Odin is more or less Scandinavian, but how far back he is going in the sources I don’t know.

The angels celebrated the birth of Jesus, so yes, Christmas was celebrated in the Bible.