CNN Promotes Sharia Blasphemy Laws (Alisyn Camerota vs. Pamela Geller)

Following the recent shooting at a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, media attention has once again focused on Islam and the First Amendment. In a discussion with Pamela Geller, CNN news anchor Alisyn Camerota noted the “fine line” between free speech and provocative speech. She went on to say that there should be a debate about the line between free speech and provocative speech. Apparently, CNN agrees with proponents of Sharia that criticizing Islam is beyond the scope of free speech (despite Camerota’s claims to the contrary).

David , another great video David I like the word crocodile :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Islam wins

I recently heard a re-broadcast of Mother Angelica Live, from the time "P** Christ* came out, and this Catholic “fanatic” was so infuriated, Mother Angelica…said a Hail Mary of reparation.

Catch the difference folks?

Three of the major areas Obama and his administration performed or failed woefully are: 1. her policy on Ghadafi/Libya, 2. Policy on Islamic terrorism and 3. Policy on Nigeria.

Am I wrong or did Alisyn Camerota justify rape? Isn’t this the argument that they make supporting their crime because women wear “provocative” clothing?

CNN is nothing but Fake News, they’re teleprompter readers that’s it. No facts need apply. What bubble do they live in?:unamused:

Did Obama really say that!?

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I can’t think of anything more offensive than a “religion” that celebrates a barbaric, slave owning, false prophet, liar who happens to be 54 years old and named Mohammed raping a 9 year old female child…

The term offensive is subjective. What’s offensive to you may not be to me…you can’t try to govern people based on the wants and needs of one person. If you did that you’d get something that looked a lot like Islam…

Please come back to Garland, have another event?

Saudi pays a lot of money to main stream media to spread Islamic propaganda thats a fact. CNN is one of it.


Stalin and Hitler used a Sharia like set of laws to control populations,. 1. making fun of Them was worthy of death 2. Those who do not converted to be their followers and worship them can be killed, 3. Women are for reproduction and of a lower class

Alyon C. Is an idiot with a job he even wears hijabs to show support



this sort of terrorism sells them plenty advertising space