CNN: Whitewashing Jihad (Part One)

Many people in the West are wondering what causes jihad. CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin invited Christopher Dickey, foreign editor of the Daily Beast, to explain. According to Mr. Dickey, terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Instead, terrorism is the result of three factors: (1) testosterone, (2) identifying with an oppressed group, and (3) a desire for fame. Is he right? In this video, David Wood shows that CNN is once again whitewashing jihad.

For more on the media whitewashing islam, watch this:

cnn competes with islam with sex scandals

Yes it’s crap

Dawkins bless David wood

Islam is actually a religion of “dualism”, which is “false”, just like death. Meanwhile, this is definitely one of David’s finer videos √

2:37 is hilarious.

God bless you…

Islam is a satanic religion and can’t be a region of peace. It’s carp. Yes it’s crap😁

LOL when you cranked up Irene Cara

Great Job friend

One of my favorite videos of all time. Brilliant.

2:38. “I’m gonna make it to heaven”!!! LOOOL

Another example of the mainstream media peddling fake and untrue information. Sickening. They are too dumb to realise that they are playing right into the Muslim agenda of capturing the world for Islam.

Time to eliminate CNN. It supports terrorism :thinking:

Dr. David, I just had to look up a video of eating Mentos and chugging Diet Coke. . . >.<

Jihadists ( both men and women) need to enjoy unlimited sex in paradise as offered by allah and mohammed… very very good religion and very very good prophet… what prophecy did he make…???.. nothing…!!

Hi brother David, what’s the expansion of CNN…???.. Crooked News Network…???..i think, it’s more apt…

I really wish you would stop referring to Mohammedanism as Islam. Islam means surrendered to God. Therefore, Islam must be a collection of Pentecostals and Messianic Jews, not to mention a large percentage of Conservative Jews, Fundamentalist Christians, the occasional Liturgicalist or Reformed Jew, and even an odd Buddhist or two. But no Mohammedans.

The professor dick…ey ignoring historical tracks… :thinking:

well done david. love your humor btw!