CNN: Whitewashing Jihad (Part Two)

CNN’s Tom Foreman attempted to explain the tactics of ISIS. Instead of examining the commands of Allah and Muhammad, however, Foreman discussed the Vikings, Vlad the Impaler, Hitler, Stalin, and the Khmer Rouge. Can we take this network seriously when they go to this extent to avoid important topics? David Wood examines Foreman’s claims.

CNN… they haven’t changed…

I really desire “It’s crap” song…

I think BrainPOP also has no trouble watering down Islam from time to time.

0:53 So the Ottoman Empire is just a terrorist organization?

What vlad … vlat is caled the great because he fight against islam like all eastern europeans and austria

Wait wait ottoman empier

This cannot be real. Maybe they are just getting it from Muhammed?! Vlad was a monster. Evil. But he may have saved the west.

how much lower can cowardice make a renouned news agency stoop? :mask:

Just Hilarious… and *ruddy brilliant!

Psikopat liar

I love your sense of humor David… complex topics become more interesting when you bring up the reality about them by your frank way. I appreciate your work… all my support from Brazil. God bless!!

The mention of Vlad the Impaler is darkly funny, in a not very funny sense, since old Vlad used his cruel tactics to fight against the Muslim invaders, and was ultimately taken captive and executed by them (if I remember my history right).

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Tom foreman wish u made more videos, sara & proxy to muslim

ABC / CNN must take off there head rags and desert wellies before going on air…very disturbing

I Agree David! I’ve been reading the Quran and post the negative verses Facebook profile and nobody wants to comment on it. Why won’t people admit that Islam is dangerous, false and hateful religion? Muhammad was a scum bucket plain and simple

In other words, ISIS is following every other tyrant and mass murderer except Prophet Mohammad himself.

I think you’re witty and your humor is unique

CNN is responsible for the dumbing down of Americans. I have met people who swallow their narratives. When I try to correct them they accuse me of being prejudice. I love Muslims enough to want them to know Jesus.