Comparing the Deaths of Nabeel Qureshi and Muhammad

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In this video, David Wood goes through Islam’s most trusted sources to gather details on Muhammad’s death, and he compares Muhammad’s death with the recent death of Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi. Was Nabeel cursed by Allah, as many critics claim? If so, we have far greater evidence that Allah cursed Muhammad.

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You know… I just realized that every video with the view count is a person. A person who was a baby. Someone who is living like me. A person who God died for.:thinking: I sometimes over look the number of views.

Please help me with by explaining why the Quran keep using “Us” for Allah. Is The Word “Us” not used for Group of People or Plural tenses? Is Allah not One?

Why is the Quran using “Us” for Allah. How many Allah there is?

R. I. P.

The fucker died bro soon as he converts to Christianity… eye opening for Christians

David wood and Nabeel. If there were ways one would preserve consciousness just like Jorel did his consciousness. I would gladly advice the US government to preserves David and Nabeel’s consciousness for the good of a 1000 year generations. I thought I loved Nabeel until I saw David and that love just grew. I checked myself and it turned out that I love knowledge. These two amazing guys are the custodians of knowledge purely from God. I wish my country Nigerians would value knowledge than money. God bless you David and Nabeel for making controversies uncontroversial. Well, I guess that’s what they say about the truth. It sets you free.

I just being logic here. I think it quite contradict here. David wood do not believe Muhammad (PBUH) is the real prophet, then that’s means he should not believe Al-Quran was real right ? . then he use Al-Quran words to justify Muhammad (PBUH) death. I cannot follow this logic. furthermore I do further checking on Muhammad (PBUH) history. he died way more years after getting poison where the same poison kill his friend instantly during that time. so if I think logically without any bias, I think that prove that Muhammad (PBUH) is a real prophet as what that Jews woman try to prove.

Only thing that he died 3 years later dumbass lmao

God blessed you,

From the beginning Satan was deceiving . But God loves us so much and He is revealing truth.
But human makes mistake by rejecting it.
My Muslim brothers, Truth is in front of you. I am not urging you to blindly believe everything what Christians say. Do your own home work, think logically. And you will find out, Abraham and Moses worshipped God of Bible, not Allah, Bible is true, Trinity is true and Jesus is the only saviour. Only his substantial atonement sacrifice can cleanse our inequities, no other way.


Rip nabeel

Whether someone is a Satanist or Christian or athiest we shouldn’t be happy to think they are in hell we shouldn’t even be happy that they are dead

Nabeel life wrote in a book (loha mahafus)before the all universal made by order of one allha
Nobody was safe nabeel life his death was fixed wrote in his destination ordered by one Alllha God all medical doctors and Christ Missions pray by the name of son of God (nojubila) un predictable
For Mohammed SAS destination also wrote in book by order of one allha
Posion sign and symptoms is deferent long term toxicity deferent
Nabeel is not belonged to Muslim some say his family was belonged to mhandhi they expletted from Islam they are not belonged to muslim ideology

Talk Talk Talk , We are relieved from him and from his evil speechs.
as to the prophete u dont understand it but he died the way he died so that he would be a martre. because if a muslim dies by a hand of a non muslim, this is the best death every muslim wishs to die. u can twiste the texts all u want but u are far far far from the truth. by the way many muslims know how our prophet died and we are happy for it because it shows us how perfect he is from his begining to his end. WE LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!

DAVID (QUESTION?), What are all these books you are reading from to get this information? I know you actually STATE IT each time you read anything but I’m still not sure what these resources are. ARE ALL OF THESE RESOURCES part of the actual Qur’An? I think the “Surah’s” are. It seems like you’re picking up a few different books. From a lay persons perspective what are these? Authority-wise? 1) Quran, 2j … I ask because it seems WEIRD that the QURAN would say Muhammad died because he ate poison AND the QURAN would say he is lying if he dies in this way. Seems like they would want to HIDE THIS INFORMATION. THANK YOU :pray: Sorry I’m ignorant about those books. :pray::pray::pray:

pee pee poo poo muhammad is a rapist the entire religion is a satanic undercover operation.

In my dream I go to heaven with my husband I saw my brother Nabeel I start hogging my brother and take with him what are you doing here he said I am prepare the house for my family because the Lord is coming soon he was in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ Lord is with him and Lord save him and Lord is coming soon to take us thank you brother God bless you he was not cursed lord save my brother Nabeel Lord Jesus Christ thank you Lord for saving him and thank you Lord for saving all of us

I don’t understand why this deep hatred for prophet Mohammed! Is it because he tell us to worship your god and glorify him more than you do?!