Congressman Mike Quigley: Apologizing for America

Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley is apologizing to Muslims for the “discrimination” they face in America.

Muslims thinks Islam should be above all religions and Muslims are not supposed to rule by non Muslims. That’s why they hate America.
But Muslims will be always under Christians. Islam keeping them behind in the world.
Thank you DR David Wood,

Hi David Wood, I’m planning to read the Greek new testament to see if I can pinpoint the doctrine of salvation through grace that the protestants stress. Can you give me the critical passages in Paul Peter or any of the evangelists that explain this doctrine? How is it that the Pelagians could justify their view?

Hi brother David, not only their false prophet mohamood is being criticized, but also the entire muslim community is being criticized for their dirty practices and dirty behaviour…

Thank you. The last few sentences in particular, brilliant Sir, brilliant.

Well said David, we’ll said. I don’t understand how idiot these leaders are, Muslims and Islam is killing Americans just as it is written in their books and here is someone apologizing to rhem while in Muslims countries people from other religions are being killed. Such an idiot

They want to complain about everything because they cannot take the criticisms. They’re just bunch of whiners like kiddos.

Very fair. Well-balanced and well-said.

what an idiot.

thanks David

Most of congress are cowards
Isis will come take their daughters as war booty and they will open the door for them. Please come take my country and rape my daughters please lol.

When you can bring a bible into Saudi Arabia, perhaps I will be willing to consider “discrimination” as anything but hog wash. When we start beheading people for committing witchcraft and throwing women in jail and charging them with adultery if some low life rapes them. These folks do not have one legitimate thing to complain about. If these people move to America, they should not get upset that the rest of us feel no need to turn this country into the western version of the place they came from.

When it is said that America gives freedom that is undoubtedly true when compared with the sharia bandwagon countries.
But the situation changes really fast when compared to other free countries as in the case of people who experience unnecessary intrusions in their normal lives.
Instead of apologizing to a bunch of made up charges Americans need to take a serious reassessment of the situation ahead of them.
You can enjoy your freedom without being an ass if you just follow your consience, good and bad propoganda needs to be eliminated from common life and it is possible only if you decide to always be truthful and make an enviornment of it.


Amen, brother David! Muslims are well known for their fierce pride. But our great God is totally committed in bringing down the proud.

“For God opposeth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble”–1 Peter 5:5

You have been very successful in hitting the nail right on the head.
Thank you for your insight in to a very delicate matter.
And may God, the one true God, bless you in all you do.

By standing up to hate speech ex.(Muslims) makes them the best of people.

I am praying for you daily brother David - may Lord Jesus Christ Bless you and your family! Amen.

I think politics suits you more than debates David!
And remember this is how America is! They kiss the asses of those who are more benificial at the time!

Was the Jesus or Mohammed? show cancelled or something, that was excellent?! Keep up the good work :slight_smile: