Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's Hypocrisy EXPOSED!

At a CAIR banquet in 2019, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar complained that American Muslims were being unfairly treated because of the 9-11 attacks. In 2020, however, Congresswoman Omar advocates dismantling entire police departments when certain members of the police departments commit crimes. How does her 2020 position reconcile with her 2019 position? David Wood discusses the issue.

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In honor of Congresswoman Omar, I suggest that we start calling the burgeoning “autonomous zone” in Seattle “Little Mogadishu.”

I am a native American the real native I am a islamophone and I am proud of it quit wearing that s*** on your head you will always be second class


but werent other cops also killing other black people, and black ppl being treated unfairly in court compared to white ppl? george floyd was like ‘the last straw’, it wasn’t just george floyd who was done wrong, it wasn’t a 1 time thing like September although the incident in 2001 was larger

This woman annoys me not because she’s Muslim she’s just annoying as F!!

Oh dear she should not be even citizen of America

…“allow for something beautiful to arise…”…(Sharia law)

Expect to see more from her because you Americans are too kind to negative people

America downfall will be giving too much civil liberty to people who wants to curb civil liberty.

very good ,wish I had learned rhetoric .

Oh my God. This is good!

Did you guys see the evidence from project veritas? Shes been stealing the elections, aaannnnddd she lied on her immagration paperwork, a felony by the way, as it turns out her husband is actually her brother… should qualify her and the brother to be deported. Guess what, shes still not in cuffs… no wonder she wants to defund police.

So vague, yet so clear…

This so called “congress woman” is not fit for Public Office - and if she’s tired of “being a second class citizen”, she should LEAVE Islam, the back striving CULT that she’s a member of!

hehe…“rise hell”… oh that have terrorists done for a long time

This is a good presentation.

Well said David, :+1:

Youtube censor squad are abdools frm the kingdom of agrabah

This is the most lucid vague piece I have ever listened to. Dr. David :ok_hand: