Countdown to the Last Days: A Biblical Study of Endtimes (Online Course with Tony Costa)

Dr. Tony Costa invites you to register for his online course on the Countdown to the Last Days. We will discuss issues such as the Second Coming of Christ, the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Antichrist, the Mark of the Beast (666), the New World Order, the Great Reset, the U.N. 2030 Agenda, the global one world digital currency, the place of Israel, the place of Islam, among many other topics.

The online course runs for 8 consecutive Sunday evenings from Sunday January 24 - March 14, 2021 from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). All the lectures are recorded and sent to the students including hand outs and slide presentations. This course is open to all interested students whether you have been to college / seminary or not.

Registration fee is $99 (Canadian dollars). To register, please contact us at

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved.

hi! id like to access this course… can it be accessed still? please i hope so … id like to study and i need some help, please help me.

The second coming was in 70AD. Look at the Exodus for proof. It took 40 years. Jesus fulfilled the PASSOVER and 40 years later the Temple was destroyed which represented the strength of sin, the law. Jesus came to destroy the old covenant system. The "great city in Revelation that is destroyed is Jerusalem in 70 AD.

Both Christians and Muslims seem to largely labor under a range of false pretenses and assumptions that developed in Christianity by the time Islam was invented, about what salvation means and is from. Islamic apologists correctly attack Christian theological claims that a) Christ promised to return and judge in his own generation and b) he is yet to keep that promise, and in fact he can’t, since we are now 50 generations later! But supposedly, he will.

Muslims deserve to know what Christians should know but generally don’t: the whole heaven and hell construct is a misunderstanding and a foreign concept. Christ never taught that there are two eternal destinies for individuals and the goal of ‘salvation’ is to avoid hell and attain heaven (at least in the personal post-mortem experience sense). Salvation, in the original Christian teaching, was from the slavery to sin, and from the broken and corrupt ways of living and treating each other.

Christ kept his promise and came in judgement and destroyed the Israelite system and kingdom that killed him and persecuted his followers, as he destroyed its house built on the sand with the flood of men of lawlessness and war.

And he kept his promise to build his church, his body, the immortal resurrection body, his kingdom, that brings healing and life to the world, freeing men from slavery to sin and enthroning men to rule over the beasts rather than each other.

Muslims in particular have suffered under Islam’s legal, social and political failures to deliver peace, healing and wholeness, and has enthroned the beasts to rule over men, as men rule over each other and impose their version of the knowledge of good and evil.

Christians have done better in creating and building social, legal and political institutions that restrain the beasts and keep them down, and defanged, notwithstanding the erosion of the original pacifist institutions of gentleness and restraint.

If Christians can rediscover and restore its original and authentic theory and practice – which on various matters it often has – and back away from unhelpful corruptions and innovations, it can offer Muslims a more attractive and more different approach, as well as addressing some of the valid objections against misguided Christian eschatology.

Im so glad that people can now see the connections bright and clearer. Don’t be afraid of the face of the Beast.

I wish i could but i can’t afford the 99 dollars

There is NO pre-trib rapture.

Hope it goes well

This is total garbage. Don’t waste your your money on this idiot. What exactly is he a Doctor of? My arm hurts, can he do anything about that?

I like to join

I thought education was free in Canada!

I’m not Christian but I reckon the antichrist has already come and gone about 1400 years ago
Even if he isn’t he is most definitely a false prophet

please cover the misinformation that was generated by the Scofield Reference Bible and the confusion resulting from William Miller and Ellen White.

everyone who said the world would end by 2020 were obviously mistaken.

partial (orthodox) preterism and amillennialism are true, dispensationalism is false. the covid vaccine is not the “mark of the beast,” that is completely impossible (neither is it the UN, NWO or any other human institution or invention… not QR codes or voter id or RFID, etc). it is not getting a tattoo that says “666” (the “number” is actually 616, and it refers to a person who died in the first century AD). the mark refers to loyalty to the beast (which in context is the pagan Roman Empire, represented by the Emperor Nero and his successors who at the time were persecuting the Church, to which Jerusalem, that is the Great Harlot, had apostatized by submitting to… Jersualem represented by the Temple and its priesthood. the “mark” is not a physical thing (the image of the Emperor is an idea… his statue was worshiped, witnessed contracts, oaths were sworn in his name and sacrifices were offered to his genius and patron gods, his image appeared on the roman coins, as a deity, etc). this is in contrast to the loyalty to GOD (symbolized by the “sign upon your arm and upon your forehead… upon your doorposts” that is not a piece of the Torah posted, but the faithfulness to God in our thoughts, and our actions/deeds, and remembering and trusting in God when we leave our homes into the outside world (your coming in and your going out). nobody knows the date of the End, except the Father in heaven and he hasn’t told us. pray for peace!

Can we trust a scripture/book on the end of time when it got the beginning of world quite bizarrely ? :face_with_monocle:

the end is coming, again

Guys I am so worry about religions I am searching that what is true plzz guide me…now my question is that how first human being of earth was created ?was that created by its self or automatically ? Some athiests told me that earth is created by energy which is illogical answer plzzzz guide me dears…I am investigating from last 5 years I find islam is somehow true from every angle and some people told me we believe in GOD but not ALLAH which I cant understand what illogical !

Why does everyone think Jesus is coming soon when things don’t go their way? We are not being fed to the lions - yet!