Countering Muslim Claims, Episode 1: An Introduction to Islamic Apologetics (Al Fadi and David Wood)

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Muslims offer a variety of arguments as they attempt to show that Islam is true. In this video, former Muslim Al Fadi and Christian apologist David Wood discuss why Christians should respond to Muslim arguments.

Wtf didn’t you get smoked by Mohammed Hijabi? Lol :joy:. He literally won that 3hour+ debate

It’s telling that Islam apologists use critical arguments against the Bible, but refuse the same reasoning when aplied to the Quran.

The Triune view of God is a counterfeit of the fullness of the revelation of God that is nigh to an angel of light but still misleads many. There is only one God of this universe, Jesus Christ, that does the perfect will of the Father as a perfect priest of the Eternal Father that invites us to follow him to be heirs with Him in the Kingdom of God. Jesus is the God of the Old Testament and the Savior of the New Testament. The Holy Spirit is sent by Christ to communicate the spiritual principles and glory of God to guide us to Him. If you think yourself wise enough to know God humble yourself to always keep seeking, a contrite heart leads to truth, for there is always more to gain in spirit while we live in this world.

Idiots, thinking the Christianity which is the most ridiculous belief after so-called Islam, works on facts when they belive three in one, and God came to this world ate food and took a shit, man, how more stupid can you get


Praise the lord all fadi sir and David wood sir

Hating each other is not going to solve anything except made us look stupid…Mohammad Shahzada

Be blessed and keep safe!

:pray::pray: Hinduism is not only a religion but it’s a way of life through mutual existance, inclusiveness, tolerance, choice of belief, external protection and exploring the intellect. :pray::pray:

when 2 idiots collide

Greetings from Pakistan. Much love and respect for you guys :fist::heart::pray:

The Bible has more than
12.000 errors.

This is bulshit for sure
How can you
Leave light and go to darkness

People are becoming Christianmophobia bec Christianity is spreading like wild fire and Jesus is at work .No gates of hell will stop work of Jesus from reaching 4 corners of the earth.

It’s Wester muslims who make fake You Tube accounts with fake name to protect Muslims from receiving any true message of God and to protect them from the teuth which is bitter.

My muslim husband doesn’t bother about Mohamed married 6 years old child and daughter in law, he justify Mohamed sins. I told him that islam is man made cult and go search one true god, don’t follow blindly. But he blindly followed islamic cult and he justify all the way. I don’t know how to explain? May jesus open his blind faith. Please pray for my muslim husband.

Until they eat pork…no convert truly leave islam…

The proces of leaving islam is always the same… they read quoran, hadith, sirra… they see the wrongness… then they leave

Hello Al Fadi and David, pls continue to share the gospel.