Countering Muslim Claims, Episode 6: The Rapid Growth of Islam

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According to some studies, Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion. Many Muslims use these studies to argue that Islam must be true due to its rapid growth. But does a movement’s growth show that it’s from God? Al Fadi and David Wood discuss the issue.

No one leave if you kill the apostates✅

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen

That is the most ridiculous argument. Definitely a logical fallacy of ad populum. Though I have heard Christians make ad populum arguments

leave idolatry. clean your hearts. find peace in your heart with Islam. embrace Islam. and save yourselves from going to hellfires because all idolworshippers go to hell. Guaranteed

God Bless David Wood and Al Fadi :pray::pray::pray:

Greatings from East-Germany,
the Point about communism was very good. Yes it grew very fast, and then it collapsed. Just like the previous regime in Berlin (no offense to regimes).:vulcan_salute:

When we are counting the number of Christians against Muslims are we including those Christians in heaven.

Actually Christanity will get the most converts from 2010- 2050 (40 million)
But sadly they lose more adherent - with most becoming atheists.
Muslims get comparatively less converts but the numbers of people converting to Islam is offset by people leaving Islam.

It’s totally possible for a Muslim to counter your arguments with, “But Islam is the fastest-growing religion!” without caring whether it’s true or not. It could be meant as, “It doesn’t matter what you say, because when my beliefs are dominant, your arguments will never be heard, and your children will be forced to convert.”

A prison is the best house anyone can have because once they are imprisoned, they live there for many years, or for all their life!

That moment when everyone is so pleased with this video that no one argues in the comments😂

The power of Islam is murder and the threat of murder.

The Quran is a Terrible piece of literature. It’s a bunch of Random incoherent verses. It’s has no linear plot.

The New Testament is light years ahead. It has a beginning, Middle and End.

It has a protagonist and antagonist.

Islam is spreading through Birth rate. Bin Laden had over 40 brothers and sisters. That tell you everything

The bible is the most popular book in the planet so that must mean it’s the book of truth, right Muslims? :roll_eyes:

The Spice Girls outsold u2, Radiohead, Oasis, REM etc in the 90s, doesn’t mean their music was any good.

There are millions of secret Christians within the Muslim community, mostly women.

Christianity is not the change of religion it is the change of heart.

Very potent argument. In many Islamic countries there has been violent protests, murder even of volunteer western medical personnel who have come over to inoculate children against polio. Why? Because there’s a very strong rumour Europeans are intent on sterilizing Muslims to prevent the spread of Islam . So you can see just how important breeding is to the community. They would rather risk a life time of disability due to polio than lowering the birth rate which they see as critical to the survival of the religion .

to know the truth, read books and lectures by non-muslim scholars like Karen Armstrong, Barth Erhman, Peter Cresswell, and others.