Countering Muslim Claims, Episode 8: Is the Quran a Scientific Miracle?

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Muslim apologists often claim that the Quran and the Hadith contain scientific statements that could only be verified centuries after they were made. What happens when we open the Quran and the Hadith to see what kind of claims they actually make about the universe, human reproduction, and personal hygiene? David Wood and former Muslim Al Fadi discuss the issue.

I have seen how pathetic you are when you debate with Quran scholars. Yes we as Muslims tests all the claims they n the Quran (which is our ONLY ALL TRUSTWORTHY SOURCE) . Things in Other books beside Quran can be right or wrong. The name of Alexander is NOT in the Quran. You Christians are the true followers of pagan. Look at where you brought the idea of December 25th as the Jesus’ (peace be upon him) birthday. Look at Santa :santa:. Good luck on your journey to hell.

Hi Al Fadi and Docteur Wood…I grow up as a Muslim and since young age I refused to read The Koran, because unconsciously and even at that age, I felt that something didn’t make sense. I write to thank you regarding the fly containing disease in one wing and the cure in the other wing. Well, thank you and this is where islam is really dangerous. As a young boy, I saw my grand mother drowning a fly in a glass of milk and then drink the milk. Well, for many years I thought that we were too poor, so my grand mother did not want to throw the milk away. THANKS TO YOU, I now know why. Keep the good work By the way, she was totally illiterate.

So, angels are really border agents. So, a meteor shower must be when a caravan of them evil demons try to cross the border into paradise.

Imagine if flies did have diseases on one wing and the cure just magically appeared on the other wing. We’d be farming flies by the trillions and giving them diseases to get those cures. No more pills, we’d be swallowing fly wings.

Yo D. Wood. Haroon the American Muslim is talking trash about deuteronomy 18:18

The fact that this guy hates Islam so much he made it his 20 years of research learning Islam just to prove it wrong. This guys got a lot of motivation but he’s doing it the wrong way.

Islam Relies heavily on ignorance. Look at where it’s growing you see poor education levels and are poor. Now it’s not to say everyone there is stupid. It’s that they don’t have the access to information we are blessed to have here in the west and in America. That and high birthrates and threat to kill them.

Can I get his transcribed?

Not really trusting a psychopath who tried to kill his own father.

That’s too sad

You can’t question Islam or the Quran because that would be blasphemy and the punishment for blasphemy is death. You see Muhammad was really smart. He put safeguards in place in Islam to completely discourage such line of thinking. Even a whole country (Pakistan) was created in the name of this religion which continues to be a menace to its ‘mother’ country India.

David Hood🕴

Obviously, Muhamed never visited the Ganges River.

David has it wrong. DR zakir naik will proof that flies dipped in food will cure your disease. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Lol…I can only laugh at what he said…full of lied and rubbish.

Jesus just a carpenter by professor ya…how he can become god?

Are u even a professor? Haha…u always got a wrong interpretation.the way u talk can see that u are denial.please refer to professors that discover the miracle… definitely not from him.

The astronomy was invented way way long time before the religions like in Egypt(ancient of corse) and mathematics , etc… and used in the construction of the pyramids for example

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo many mistakes :rofl::rofl::rofl: