Creflo Dollar, What Does God Need with a G650?
“Prosperity Gospel” preacher Creflo Dollar has asked his supporters to donate $65 million so he can purchase a Gulfstream G650 private jet. What would Captain Kirk have to say about this?

The world had missed malachi 4:5 which God has promised, the people are waiting for the second coming of christ but what about this servant which God promised see also revelation 10:7 bible mysteries will be opened, so forget about dollars business, seek who is this servant or you have missed by far, ask God to help, he had come and served and gone, people doesn’t know it, bad state.

Creflo Dollar is nothing more than an unsaved rogue in an expensive suit. Anybody giving him ANY money must have lost their minds…

Did they get the G650?

Yes, I remember this part of that Star Trek movie . I was asking the same exact question!

His name says it all Creflo . . .DOLLAR. Anyone who donates for that aircraft needs to have their head examined.

I need a vehicle. I will be very happy with a modest dependable one.I need it to disciple and volunteer, get my family around, anything in this area. Public Transit is…not so good here… Though, I surely wouldn’t mind if the Good Lord God of Heaven blessed me with something pretty and a little fancy. What ever HE wills.
I wonder if Mr. Dollar had flown commercial his life if it would of accrued a bill like his “star ship”?

Creflo teaches Bible finances…miraculous ones…he believes in miraculous intervention of God in all areas of life like physical healing. These things are scripturally valid dont criticize til you research scriptures read rationale. Bible supports.

This isnt from David Wood…right? Its from Hagus H.guy…correct?

Dear David Wood is this vid from you? Is that the real date of this video? I have a few hundred things to say about the vid. But will confine it to the folowwing: 1. Did you investigate what God says about money and wealth in scripture? 2. Do you have any objections to others having jets in this world…if not…why object to him having a jet? 3. Does the pope have his own jet? 4. Does the president have his own jet? 5.Are the pope or the president preaching Gods word?

Are there no cheap, used aircraft around for let’s say $6.5 millions around or even less? I am sure there is an aircraft equivalent of the used car salesmen around somewhere.

The Church of Laodicea.does’nt no its Laodicea.

At least when the Pope asks for money for a Basilica, IT’S A BASILICA THAT EVERYONE CAN VISIT AND USE!


The New York Times reported that Dollar owns a million-dollar Atlanta home, drives a Rolls-Royce, is transported by a private jet and has a $2.5 million Manhattan apartment.

It makes me sad, that so many people are following this guy who calls himself “Dollar”. That´s almost funny.
First thing I thought when I heard about this strange sect was:
How did Paul of Tarsus travel? How did he get to Antioch, Cyprus, to Rome etc.? As far as I´m aware of the scripture Paul didn´t ask his brothers (and sisters) in believe to buy him the greatest vessel or the most luxurious yacht. It appears to me he traveled on ordinary ships just as usual people, with cargo and as a normal passenger. Maybe someone elso knows exactly. Please let me know. In my short search I haven´t found information in the bible how Paul traveled exactly. But anyways, Paul would have been more than amazed if he could travel so easy as to just buy a ticket for a second class flight in an airplane. Why would anyone need an own vessel or even a luxuary jet to make his voice heard if it was true what he wants to say and he just wants to share his knowledge? This guy wants luxuary, not spreading the truth. This is so obvious. LOL
I´m an agnostic/atheist/infidel. I don´t want to mislead anyone. I took my channel picture (the arabic “nun”) last year when I read about the christians of Mossul getting butchered in solidarity to them. I´ve read about it on an american christian website and I was shocked that this was not mentioned at all in the european media. At least in Germany, where I live, reports about ISIS occured first when the topic was about the kurds in Sinjar. Nobody here gave a crap about the suffering of the Christians in Mossul. Apparently they were not even woth mentioning. This still leaves me baffled.
Thank you so much, David, for your effort to enlighten us all about the threat of Islam.
greetings and best of my wishes for you and your family
sorry for my crappy english

he can buy the new honda jet for 4.5million LOL

Funny thing is if you understand the story of Star Trek Five, it is about people that think they find God but instead find the devil. People think they are finding godly man with Creflo Dollar but instead they find a worldly sinner.


What does the president need with a jet airliner, (Air Force One), AND a helicopter, (Marine One)?

Taxpayers $ pay for those and you don’t hear the whining about that, but when it’s a church that pays for it’s own, it’s on with the covetousness and jealousy.

Creflo Dollar doesn’t OWN that plane personally, it belongs to the church. (World Changers)