Cyber Jihad Group Gets Christians Banned from Facebook (David Wood)

Recently, David Wood, Sam Shamoun, and Al Fadi were all temporarily banned by Facebook. Is this a coincidence? Not at all. A Muslim group called “Cyber Jihad” has been reporting random posts by critics of Islam, flagging the posts as hate speech, nudity, harassment, etc. And it’s working. Following the New Zealand mosque attacks, the social media purge has dramatically accelerated. How can Christian apologists and critics of Islam survive on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Patreon, when groups of cyber jihadis are flagging their content? David Wood discusses the issue.

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Nothing is going to keep the sheep of The LORD Jesus from following Him.
Is there anyway I and others can post about the false prophet of islam for you so that they can’t pin you, Sam, vocab and others? You’re important to this and educated myself and many others I’m sure.
Thanks for all you do. :+1:t5:

I am an Athiest… I have come across these Cyber Jihad folk in the Christian/Muslim group I moderate.

I was pointed towards this video by Muslims and Christians as evidence towards their underhanded tactics

“But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible,”- Eph 5:13

The enemy hates it when he is exposed so the reaction is obvious.
But the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church,or the truth.


Glad I worked my way back to this video, because I had been wondering why you had but did not use Twitter. Makes sense now. Any plans to fight the lock-out? Any chance of making a new account?

Nothing can stop and nothing can put down Dr David Wood.
Dr David Woow is loved by his thousands and thousands followers
God bless Dr David Wood​:fist::heart::pray:

i had 3 fb accounts all got shut-down as well. i was in a christian muslim debate group but probably fb doesnt want you to say that Yeshua was crucified! thats why im on youtube the last few months

It’s wrong David I support you but we have to remember what Jesus said about the kingdom of God every one will try to get in but the street is narrow and the door will be closed for they disinvowed Jesus so Jesus will not let them in the kingdom of God

That’s why he said in 1000 people 999 will go hell. I was shocked then but now I am not.:expressionless::smiley: And now I am happy too

I hate this ridiculous, liberal, idiotic and ludicrous censorship Jihad. These platforms act as editorial journalists, not platforms. I hope they lose their government issued privileges

I just watched a muslim propaganda piece “rise of islam - rise of muslim empire” that claimed the Crusaders practiced cannibalism (among other things, falling just short of Muhammed riding a rainbow unicorn) & it does not appear at risk of being taken down, while David is at risk for posting factual information. How did we arrive at this point?

Face the true about your prophet

There was an ex scientologist who went by the username Tory Magoo 44. There’s something she would often say about Scientology that really applies here to Islam, “Once again, we have caught your cult doing some shady sh^t. Tik-Tok! Tik-Tok! Time is on OUR side!”

Brother David, you absolutely have to contest every one of these flags and reports on Facebook. Otherwise they will ban you. And social media is the new medium for dissemination of information. You will always reach the most people on social media. Don’t let them make you an inconsequential voice.

We need to start calling islamics racists, Jewishphobic, Christian phobic and humanphobic! We need to play victim and whine about everything islamic! We need to start watching and flaging islamic videos which are truly violent and evil!

Tim Pool does both of those sites

They are setting up the beast system!

This is why radical Islamic rhetoric is allowed on Facebook, in favor
of the views and opinions of its Christian, conservative, and Jewish
critics …and possible future victims.…/facebook-pakistan-blasphemy-death-sen…/

Maybe Israel should offer Facebook large sums of money to approve a
Facebook office there in exchange for a crackdown on anti-Jewish
sentiment on the platform. Facebook sold Jews and conservatives out for
money. Soros money, Pakistani money, Democrat Party money…you get the picture.
Same goes for the other leftist platforms.

These platforms are owned and operated by nothing but closet
capitalists hiding behind the mask of the perverted invention of social
justice and superficially determined diversity, of which true diversity
is not a consideration and any justice to be served is reserved for
non-whites only.

I quit Facebook years ago. They are anti Christian and are a shill for communism.