Dave Chappelle Slams Abortion! (Sticks and Stones)

In his recent Netflix special “Sticks & Stones,” comedian Dave Chappelle made some interesting comments on abortion. Chappelle insisted that if a woman has the right to abort her baby, then the father has the right to abandon his baby. Just as the slogan of the pro-choice movement is “My body, my choice,” Chappelle’s slogan became “My money, my choice.” Was Dave Chappelle sincere in his claim that men can abandon their children, or was he making a sophisticated argument against abortion and for the pro-life movement? David Wood discusses the issue.

To watch the full unedited from “Sticks and Stones,” watch the Netflix Is a Joke clip “Dave Chappelle’s Abortion Stance”: Dave Chappelle's Abortion Stance | Netflix Is A Joke - YouTube

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But a man DOES have the LEGAL right to not support his unborn child. There ARE laws that allow men to relinquish paternity. Relinquishing paternity is basically abandoning your role as father to the baby. If men make use of these laws (and MANY do), they are not held financially responsible for the baby at all.

Abortion is the sacrament of the atheist.

Great explanation David and Dave made good logic.

My body my choice, I will never take another vaccine. I would rather take your life before you make me take a vaccine

I would have expressed it differently. When a woman has an abortion she’s deciding whether or not she’ll take on the mantle of parenthood. If men and women are equal the men should have an equal right to not take on that mantle as well. Mandatory paternity test and the ability to sign away their rights AND responsibilities.

the story about the mole was great…i got you!

By arguing that men should remain silent regarding abortion, Dave gives credence to the lie that abortion is not as heinous as murder. I doubt he would demand that men remain silent on the subject of murder, so why imply that the age of the victim makes the murder less of a universal concern?
Otherwise, I think he did a good job getting people’s attention and challenging them to think more deeply.

i agree, but you messed up one point, Money is the exchange of time and labor, so forcing a man to pay money, is tantamount to raping the man also, but not for 9 months, but for 18 years + jail time if he can’t pay.

This is why abortion will continue to be an issue until Christ Jesus returns!

I believe you laid it out and interpreted it perfectly. You nailed it David. I hate the profanity he uses when he could be just as funny w/o it but maybe, he is presenting to those who are the savor of death unto death.

The pro-abortion case is a heads-I-win-tails-you-lose argument.

Modern day Socrates??

then choose not to put your seed inside a woman who doesn’t want it after all your seed is what got her in that situation so you’re supposed to support her decision or find a way to take your seed out. none of these arguments you mentioned make sense.

Why would you even speak the name of this godless man? So today I learned that Mr Wood approves of vulgarity & profanity. Thanks for your honesty David.

Just imagine you are born with a gift. A very special gift that you are able to give away just once. If you give this gift as the one who bestowed upon you intended then this gift will blossom into a life long even better gift. Now just imagine that two people bring thier gifts to give to each other and the fireworks really begin to explode!!

Sadly most take this amazing gift of virginity and toss it on the bed to a pimply faced “two pump chump” or as a guy you think it’s what you are supposed to do. Either way the result is the same, you are both left feeling regret the very moment it begins and certainly two seconds later when it’s over.

I am so very thankful when God has a gift to give he doesn’t hold it in the same low regard we hold virginity. I wish that my parents would have made a bigger deal out of God’s gift to us of Virginity. Trust me it’s worth it because it’s God’s will for your life. Get out of the driver’s seat and let God drive he will take you to much better places that you even know exists.

God’s temple, my stewardship

Louis CK also did a brilliant bit on abortion.

I have long thought Chappelle a brilliant ‘jester’ who speaks hard truth to a stoney culture. Incredibly brave to take the battle over gender, homosexuality, abortion, etc to the stage and care nothing of what cancel culture tries to do to him. He has my respect.

Dave chappelle is a genius. Thanks David wood, u are awesome