David and Al Fadi LIVE! (3:00pm ET)

David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) and Al Fadi (Cira International) will be LIVE at 3:00pm Eastern Time, taking questions from the chat!

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Hi David, there are times when you have a sudden boost of energy and you talk too fast, can i request for you to slow down because i have muslim friends who watch you from the South of the Philippines and also from Indonesia who cannot catch up when you talk too fast. I hope its okay… thanks and God bless you and Al Fadi.

Mr Fadi and David I mention you chapter 2; 89 Mohamed say I believe torah and bible
many Muslim don"t know what is in Quran

david always a great debator ,always

briliant ,a sincere person

"There were 400 gospels before christ and it was reduced to 4 after " lolololololololololololololololooooooool

I am a prophet and Jesus is coming soon as an asteroid

·Eslam is dangerous for the whole world. we people are also troubled by the muslim. I am from India

Are you kidding me I think the entire Quran is from satan

When jesus still on the cross say to david Wood are you hipocrate? please prope me a god not playing like kids hahahaha

islam isnot religion itvis terrorism

Great job David.

This David Wood is a psycho fuxking moron, Back away Slowly.

David Wood!! Make sure your Mohammeds Minecraft has no pumpkins, green jars or tree stumps!! Neurotically blow them all up!!!

I like that he wears the headdress! It is important that we disassociate these kind of traditions from Islam. Many of these kind of traditions are very beautiful.

Love cp q

Two ignorant stooges

I am From Y-Muslim.I love Islam and want to convert all christin into Muslim by my heart.

John 19: 7 Claiming to be the Son of God is claiming to be God.

Actually Qurana is much more dangerous than Corona virus