David Wood and the Apostate Prophet LIVE: Islam and Christmas (8:00pm Eastern Time)

David Wood and the Apostate Prophet will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing what various Muslim scholars have claimed about wishing Christians “Merry Christmas.” Join the discussion!

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I am surprised that none of the clips cited Quran 5:51

Merry Christmas :partying_face:

Apostate prophet is a very decent man as Spartacus and they are gentlemen. They won’t deprive David with the decency inspite of their own pretty belief. What’s wrong in being Pagan. The idols of Jesus, Mary or their pictures give a good feelings.

When I was religiously lost, I was with that Muslim friend, telling him that I don’t need to follow these detailed commandments from Islam, I am a good man, I pray, I fast, I am fine, he was like, WTF? God has to be in every single bit of your life. Anyway, now I am an orthodox christian, which is actually freedom!

NEXT TIME: Please put the microphone in between the both of you, not simply in front of one of you, as one of you is so darn loud, I needed to turn my volume down, then when David spoke, he was so so quiet as a mouse, I needed to turn my volume back up! The cycle repeated itself for throughout this entire video!! Next time, pleeeeaze put that mic IN BETWEEN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOTH OF YOU 100% EQUALLY!!!


I thought you said, “boom squatters,” LOL. If you’re gonna take a boom-squat, make sure that you’ve got 3 stones! :rofl:

I think shabir ally is a nice guy…but he always gives moderate answers … beatings around the bush…he doesn’t sound to be muslim… he’s not fit for a debate.he must join NGO or other charitable organisations which doesn’t talk about religions .

Apostate prophet said he’s a Jew now in one of his video

I am an agnostic who loves Christmas and the Christmas vibes and generally everything holiday related (ESPECIALLY WITH SNOW).


John 1:1; john 1:14 hmmmm 2:01:50-02:04:12… sound eerily similar dontcha think… except one is Fact!

Christmas is Pagan, you can dismiss it if you need to. However, Pagan does not refer to one religion. Pagan is a word to describe any religion that worships more than one god. So yes…different traditions came from different people/nation/culture…they were all Pagan.


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did he mean space alien or illegal alien? I’m confused.

Brother …you know in Indonesia …muslim say haram to say Merry Christmas …OMG