David Wood Apologizes to All Muslims

I haven’t posted much in the last six weeks. Here’s an update and an apology.

I’ll be speaking at International Bible Church in Stafford, Texas, this Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 7-8). Here’s a link to the church’s website: http://www.internationalbiblechurch.cc/news-events/latest-announcements/210-dr-david-wood

Next weekend, I’ll be with Jay Smith and Eddie Dalcour at the Our Strong Tower Conference at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. Register here: Our Strong Tower 2019 Tickets in Chino, CA, United States

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Wow. David, you’re a remarkable man.

Get a lawyer! Not right

Your a good person!

Best way to win that game regarding drugs - Jesus Christ.
Worked for me my brother.

My mother dropped from 3 aneurysms, found her after 3 days at the bottom of the stairs, my sister broke into her house and found her. She pulled through.

Peace bro, I believe the love of God is in you.

I am an atheist but I have nothing but respect for you David Wood . By the way I didn’t know you until a random Christian guy that I was playing baseball told me about you . And now I am watching your new , old and all your video’s .

Prayers for you to find the right path.

Praying for your and your family…your children and your mother :pray: and brother. Your testimonies only make our faith stronger . Stay strong :pray:

David You’re a Warrior In Christ. May God Bless you And Your Loved Ones :latin_cross::heart:.

“Your prophet is mine” Cool declaration

Do you have an update on your mother and on your brother and his son?

Hearing this I remember Saul. He was once lost and a mad man. He was probably far worse than John’s father knowing what Saul did, until Jesus found him

Praise The Lord and God bless you David and family.

What do I make off you, scholar…or Christian…mmmmm…but hey i love what you do much needed , I don’t really care about your family dynamics or your history you are called for this…very rare to find a real man of God…modern day Ezra, some just don’t know the sacrifices, obedience, submission that allows you to do all of this, and you know it’s not even you, keep well and stay focused we need you.

Can we get an update to this video?

God bless you David. my prayers for you and your family.

Brother, you have a heavy cross to carry. Stay strong, keep faith growing and God will see you through it. Pray, pray, pray and God will answer your prayers and deliver you and your family! :pray: We will keep you in out prayers. Be blessed and healed I Jesus mighty name!! Amen.

You can apologies to Muslim, but Allah will not accept your apologies

You’re a pretty good dude. God bless

I would love it if you talked to Hugh Ross Christian Astrophysicist or Tim Mackie or Jon Collins of the Bible Project

Sorry David I thought (maybe I’m wrong) your mom died.