David Wood: Facing the Islamic Challenge Biblically

3:11…doesn’t this verse from the Quran that David has just recited sound a little like something someone who was making their own religion that opposed the Jews and Christians yet wanted to use their teachings or at least some of them in the new religion in the hope of gaining a new followers, also i can bet all if not most of the people that chose to follow Muhammed and his new teachings were either Pagans or didn’t have any beliefs and thought that sound OK i guess he seems to have a big sword and is cutting people’s head off and doing some pretty crazy stuff to the people that don’t agree with him…I’d better follow his teachings. Islam to me seems a little to convenient to be taken seriously lol…I’d really think it’s a spinoff from the Bible and a load of stuff chucked in that opposed Christian and Jewish beliefs…or the core of their beliefs. Am i right? Who’s in agreement ? If you don’t please explain why…I’d LOVE to hear from you. :slightly_smiling_face:


david you doing a marvel job.

So Muhammad said if there is doubt that I am a prophet i need to check with the christians and the scriptures… but the scriptures and christians reject almost everything that islam is. Even according to the Scriptures muhammad is a false prophet with the satanic verses he gave being deceived by satan… if islam is right then christians and muslims should be able to agree on everything in the scripture FIRST before any talk of the Qu’ran can happen. BUT because the scriptures deny mohammad and islam that will never happen

Come debate hindu christian debate

Mr David Wood ::Most of you start your apologetics from the perspective that Allah the ‘God’ of Muslims is the same as Jehovah. Is Krishna same as Jehovah.
If you start from the positin that we are talking about two disparate entities then we can progress.
it is so obvious that the Quran was redacted from Bible.

David, Do you have a video on the involvement/influence of the Catholic church on the origins of the Koran and Muhammed?

Isn’t it odd that all religions can see the flaws in every “Holy” book except their own.

The paradox of the Quran is that it clearly bases it’s veracity on agreement with the Bible (e.g., Surah 10:94; 7:157) but yet it does not agree with the Bible. Therefore, to accept the Quran, you have to reject it.

I would like to challenge you on a topic “Paul: A perverted Jew or an Apostle (under the spot light of history)”. If you accept it comment below.

→ I need only one quotation to tear you apart if you already know it.

You say Muslims misrepresent things. Really or do you? It’s the first time I hear that Muslims’ definition of the Trinity is God, Jesus and Mary. Who doesn’t know that Christian Trinity is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? You put words in the mouth of Mudlims and I don’t think it’s intellectually honest.
Dear David, can’t you make the difference between the Qur’an and a copy of the Qur’an. You can destroy the copy you show but does that mean you’ve destroyed the Qur’an? You may not know (and that won’t surprise me) that contrary to any other religious text the Qur’an does not rely only on a material support like books or parchments, manuscripts, etc. Ever since its revelation there have been millions and millions who have learned the whole of it by heart. Do you know of any Christian who has ever tried to learn the whole Bible by heart? Practicing Muslims recite its verses at least 40 times daily during their prayers. If you destroy to the last copy of the Qur’an today, the millions of Hafiz (those who have memorized all of it) will reconstitute it exactly by tomorrow. Go and tell ignorants, David, that you can destroy the Qur’an but not knowledgeable people. This only shows how much you know of Islam.
You claim Jesus died on the cross for the sins of men. Which sin has the new born committed when it dies? You will say that it bears the “original sin” committed by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. That’s why God sent the couple away. Right? No. God never banished them because of that sin for which they were sentenced to suffer while giving birth (Eve) and to work for his bread (Adam). It would have been a double punishment. The real reason is : "And the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us , knowing good and evil. he must not be allowed to reach his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat and live forever.
So the LORD God banished them from the Garden of Eden and he sent Adam to the ground from which he was made.” (Genesis 3: 22, 23). To claim that men carry the original sin is but a fabrication contrary to what says the Bible. Moreover, what is the use of a Day of Judgment the Gospels speak of if Jesus has already washed all our sins by his death? Day of Judgment and Atonement don’t go hand in hand, do they? I challenge you to show a verse which says that the children of Adam will unjustly pay for a sin they have nothing to do with. Yes, each burden bearer carries his own burden in the eyes of a just God. Isn’t He the most just among the just?

Why would Muslims contradict you when the Bible itself contradicts you? You say Jesus is God and Acts 2:22 says: “Fellow Israelites, listen to this: Jesus of Nazareth was a MAN accredited by God to you by miracles, wonders and signs , which God DID among you through him, as you yourselves know.” Was Paul lying, David? Are you going to contradict the words of the Bible?
I think you boast a little too much about Jesus as if he is all yours and not the least ours. Let’s see. Jesus was circumcsed on the eigth day, are you? Jesus never ate pork, do you? In Jesus’ language Aramaic God is Allah or Allaha (Check it). How do you call God? And you say you are one of his followers, really? You say you"d give him all your love, heart and your life for him but agree that he suffers for your sins and you call this disinterested love, don’t you? Muslims call this Amanah, to take full responsibility of one’s own action. There’s another word for one who throws his sins on another. It is betrayal!

I think you should first study the Bible because you don’t know it before attempting to criticize any other religious book of which you don’t know anything… Yes, Muslims are violent people Their Book contains 149 violent verses and this what their prophet says in Injeel: " Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a SWORD." (Mathew 10:34)
Kind regards

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Dr yadi khadi says zainub is muhamads cousin?

Shariah is such a beautiful sounding word describing simething that makes the most vile protected by law.

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Thats just all the earth needs…Islam dominating the whole world.

Mary copt probably told muhammad catholic ideas of mary mother of Jesus Yahshua.

From outside Islam…pov best to make islam illegal because it is intellectually and historically false and damaging wherever it exists. Muslims would be better of believing in kraft peanut butter teddy bear than dangerous damaging islam.