David Wood Is the Word of Allah! (Just Ask Mohammed Hijab!)

The Quran refers to Jesus as the “Kalimat Allah” (Word of Allah). Christians know what it means to call Jesus God’s “Word” (see Gospel of John 1:1-3). Muslims, however, cannot accept this title as a reference to Jesus’ deity, so they must reinterpret it. When David Wood raised this issue in his debate with Mohammed Hijab, Mr. Hijab insisted that the title “Kalimat Allah” only means that Allah created Jesus by saying “Be!” But according to the Quran, this is how Allah creates everything . . . even David Wood! Hence, if Allah creating a man by saying “Be!” means that this man is Allah’s Word, David Wood is Allah’s Word! (A heartfelt thanks to Mohammed Hijab for drawing attention to this.)

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Hi Everyone! Since our friend Mohammed Hijab has proven that I am the Word of Allah, I would appreciate it greatly if Mr. Hijab’s fans would address me as “Word of Allah” or “Kalimat Allah.” Thanks!

Mohamed hihab “smashed” you, boi! :))

So after defeating badly you started again. May allah guide you​:kissing_heart::sparkling_heart:

Typical Muslim defending the undefendible nonsense.

Didn’t Allah made all living things through water lol so he just said be contradiction

David Wood You got destroyed in this debate . You are not created miraculously but Jesus was born miraculously

He speaking Arabic like we understand that shit all of us. How u think ur winning if u can’t explain it right. At list David explain us everything.

God bless you bro David!

Alhamdulillah mohd hijab smashed ur boy. Stop creating non sense videos. Respect for those who earn this man deserves no respect


I am as well the Word of allah because allah says “be” to create me.

You will deeply regret your actions for insulting Islam slandering Islam and other bad things You will deeply regret what you have done

stUpiD mAn bE LikE

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Brilliant Job by David as always…

End of the day hijab is man​:+1:. The prophets all came with truth. David is a misguider and is ex Jew now tg Zionist. He will misguide u like the people 1000 years ago like David wood n cause traffic. Here’s a cross pendent u will wear n here’s a book I corrupted with my name as :writing_hand: author

Hahah this never gets older…
My brother hijab actually finished his careers …

Islam is true religion … No doubt

Go watch full debate