David Wood vs. Nadir Ahmed (1 of 3): "Does Christianity Promote Violence Towards Non-Christians?"

We all know that Islam promotes violence towards non-Muslims (see Qur’an 9:29, 9:73, 9:123, etc.). Yet when these violent passages are pointed out, the typical Muslim response is: “But the Bible teaches violence too!” So does Christianity promote violence? David Wood and Nadir Ahmed debate the evidence.

I watched this debate some time ago and didn’t see a winner. I didn’t understand Islam, now I do, it seems like a completely different debate. Nadir did well to defend a indefensible position. Lots of smoke and mirrors. Nadir was clearly and soundly defeated right from the opening statements.

Wooooo Nadir is now refuting Jesus’ sayings. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Is Nadir saying we shouldn’t follow what Jesus says? And not to follow what Paul and others says? Then how come muslims are proving that all those were prophets of Islam?

You flayed the man alive Dr david

Wow! That guy is full of shit! WOW! I just realized how much I like Shabir Ali.

28:33 2 Chronicles has nothing to do with covenants huh? 1 verse prior to the ones Nadir quoted: "12 And they entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and with all their soul, "

Every time I watch a video with Nadir debating I feel sorry for the guy. I have no idea what he is babbling on about in any of these videos. The dude is so lost in his own nonsense.

Pir pir


Is Nadir serious? He clearly does not know what the Bible is talking about.

As a Christian I have committed violent acts. I have sinned as a child and have committed “minor” acts of violence. As an adult I have committed violent acts as part of my job-I do Armed Security for a living-and I believe that God authorizes me to use violence as part of my job enforcing the law as we see in Romans 13:1-4. And I believe that if the situation were to arise, that I believe that I would be justified in God’s sight to use restrained violence in an objectively reasonable self-defense situation in my private life insofar as the actions are only taken to stop the threat that is facing me-and again, this is a standard that the State authorizes me that God has empowered the State to authorize me in order to punish evildoers and restrain the evil that is in this world.


Peaceful Muslims!

The title is itself objectionable
I would guess it was chosen by David Wood

This guy is doing more harm to islam than defending it

“Let your peace return to you” means you ought not to be peaceful? So Nadir means the disciples later would have gone back to fight with them? Is he serious?

if one chooses to not accept Jesus or follow God. They are already dead. We don’t need to kill him. God was saying that they will be killed, but that is by his hand. Not ours. We are not judge or executioner!

Nadir is misguided. The sword is the word, not meant for physical violence. We r warned to not cast out pearls to swine, lest they might trample on them. Do not throw children’s bread to dogs…meaning (if someone doesn’t want to hear about God’s word, we are to leave them alone, or they will make us argue/sin back and we will be like them).Mathew 7:6+Proverbs 26:4 God protects us even in our debates according to the bible. War never solves anything. Jesus made a new covenant, “THE GOLDEN RULE”

that is why Jesus says, seeing me is like seeing the father. They are joined by the same holy spirit/light! Jesus also says that he will sit at the right side of God in heaven. So anyone can be one with them. They just need to enter in the right door. Accept Jesus died for their sins, he is the holy savior, and the way to ever lasting life. He is coming soon.

Jesus is not God…in the physical sense. Only in the spiritual sense. Jesus is God’s son. God is the father. God took a piece of himself and put it in a man. “The walking word” The best way to describe this is,it’s like God’s a light (which he is) & Jesus is one of the beams shining out of that light. We will also be one with them. So we can have God, and Jesus in us. Like a father who makes a child, the child will forever share some of the attributes found in the father. They are essentially 1