David Wood vs. Nadir Ahmed (2 of 3): "Does Christianity Promote Violence Towards Non-Christians?"

We all know that Islam promotes violence towards non-Muslims (see Qur’an 9:29, 9:73, 9:123, etc.). Yet when these violent passages are pointed out, the typical Muslim response is: “But the Bible teaches violence too!” So does Christianity promote violence? David Wood and Nadir Ahmed debate the evidence.

david wood is brilliant

feeling sorry for that nadir,makes a fool of himself constantly,he is a joke

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Nadir is funny …but i like the way he speaks though. So clear accent…unlike zakir naik . i honestly find him hard to understand unless you fully pay attention to his mouth…haha

9:22 David interprets the Scripture in accordance with the Apostolic teaching passed down from Christ himself. Nadir must be a kind of protestant who wants to make up his own interpretation and teach it as fact. <3

God open Nadir eyes that he might see!

Nadir: “the Debate is over”…

Nadir keeps on talking…

Nadir’s argument about piece being taken back - meaning violence and war is ridiculous… hard to believe a grown up man can draw such a conclusion…

Nadir hits the nail wrt on the head thats why cristion dont like him he calls a spade a spade

Does Nadir Ahmed have a learning impediment? Usually the people Wood debates are men and women of intelligence, but I am wondering if Nadir Ahmed has some kind of learning disability that makes him misunderstand things?

Allahu Akbar

Nadir Ahmad u r brilliant

Best debate ever####


This man is debate with debate David wood is to smart

Let’s be happy that God has blessed David with patience because I don’t know how a lot of people would have acted if they were in David’s position lol

“Nadir…your entire argument is based on a typo” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

@Acts17Apologetics I wonder if they don’t understand because they read from right to left, Do you think that’s what it could be?

Is it just me or do Muslims simply lose the ability to think when they become a Muslim, With all the blatant errors, inaccuracies and mind numbing violence that is in the Qur’an or not as some chapters were forgotten through sheer laziness and to have the Prophet that they have as a role model? The mind boggles, Wake up and smell the coffee for crying out loud! If you do somehow develop the ability to use your brain then you can be sure that their is a God that loves you and he sent his Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross in your place if only you’d confess with your lips that Jesus is lord and believe in your heart that he died and rose again in your place and get Baptised and follow Jesus then you can be assured that you will go to Heaven!

does Christianity teach violence

Nadir " no but it should "