David Wood vs. Nadir Ahmed (3 of 3): "Does Christianity Promote Violence Towards Non-Christians?"

Epic facepalm!!!

if God killed himself than he committed suicide which is a sin and plus its violent. This is definitely not helping the case of Christianity

Good job Nadir, good job for showing truth to these full-time Islamaphobes and KKKristians

I really hope that…

Thank God he gave his life, He did it for you !!!

If the council of Nicea was in the 3rd century, the book ws there…or scroll.

Nadir is a great example how Muslims are completely brainwashed to only accept their religion! how desperate he is to conclude “war” out of “let ur peace return to u”!!! and what he calls the “golden rule”… really? does God need YOU to fight for the oppressed? In Islam God needs humans for everything!! he NEEDS our worship, our asking for forgiveness, our help for others, our war to spread Islam…
sounds more like Lucifer in Isaiah to me!! :expressionless:

Its interesting he asks apology from David here when he mocks concept of 72 virgins, though Nadir himself quoted this on his website about Jesus after debate took place between Sam and Osama Abdulla on “Is Mohd a Prophet”, where of course, Osama lost but made stupid comments on Jesus…
Nadir’s comment:
“The foolish, ignorant and sloppy Osama Abdullah smashes the Bible irrevocably, and exposes Sam Shamoun’s Lord and Savior as nothing more than a “rat” on the run, thus winning the debate.”

Christian god flew on the backs of two cherubs according to ur bible

David Wood presents the classical view of Islam as per Koran, Sunnah and Tafsirs and Sirah. David doesnt decide what Islam means and presents it as such, he finds out what the earliest muslims, including Muhammad believed it to be, and therefore is more authorative than Nadir who basically makes stuff up and then presents it as fact.

@MegaMartin1961 If Nadir was Pinocchio he would have put someone’s eye out in the pews.

While I agree with Wood’s conclusion about both Islam and Christianity, Ahmed raises a challenge which does not seem to be addressed. What makes his (peculiar) interpretation any better than Wood’s? We could say that Wood has spent more time with the text and so knows it better, but so what? Other people with just as much knowledge and experience disagree with Wood’s interpretation. What gives Wood the authority to say that his interpretations are correct?

@itsmeadin no just like david i didnt even try and still won

The only thing mr.ahmed is missing is a big red nose and bright orange hair to be a COMPLETE CLOWN!!!

@earnest1212 GO David GO!!! Mr.Wood it must have felt like a battle of the wits with an unarmed opponent

Islam sucks, no Muslim can hold his ground in a debate… because Islam is a lie. And defending Islam is impossible.

Muslim guy reminds me of Hammer from Iron Man 2… personality-wise…

Nadir Ahmed lolol nadir got owned by david woods go david

@ajmolaliful he hated christians, he said it many time that he did. just watch this video from 1tmoch so i dont have to type so much, those guys are very smart: watch?v=-EX_jeZ2hB4

@itsmeadin he was never ex communicated by the church, catholic church had nazi symbols inside, do some more research then comeback