David Wood vs. The Apostate Prophet Debate Announcement!

David Wood (former atheist, now Christian) and the Apostate Prophet (former Muslim, now atheist) have agreed to have a debate on God, Atheism, and morality when they reach two upcoming channel milestones. Stay tuned!

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Wrong God doesn’t exist .


I hope he knows the love and peace of Jesus by now!! He’ll say, “I wish I came to the truth a long time ago.” Get him Holy Spirit🙏🏻

AP is love :heart:
I would love to see you in heaven :heart::heart::grin:

Oh yeA!!!

You are both good so I will look forward to it. But remember, God always wins. The God of Christianity of course

Astagfirullah when u know that what’s true

Brothers both of you
You know what you think that by sticking to your false points u will win . ?
Actually you got it wrong at first place

It’s not about win or loose it’s about praising to who is deserved

I know for being a male u may feel desrespected by not doing what people expect

But at the end we all have to returns it’s on you

King Akbar could had shed blood of Muslims to convert to Din-ill-ilahi then they Muslims used know how much painful for other to fallow.
Akbar king was indeed great Prophet to offer all religions to come together.

I know how much you faced problems n legal action against you both.
Like Moha mad trying to convince to leave Islam

Man. Your sarcasm is of next level. :joy::joy::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smile::smile:

Fuck you

Hahahahahahhahaha just loved the way u call for a battle

David Wood and all trinitarians are wrong about anything unscriptural other than that “John 14: 6Yeshua said to him: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” ( this means my friends muslims, ex-muslims, and atheist Yeshua is the way that we have to go through to the father no one else. Because Yeshua himself is the standard for anyone to receive eternal life from the Father just as Yeshua himself received eternal life from his Father.)

lol these guys are probably best buds in real life lol. I’m a Christian and I love AP’s videos and even if he never becomes a Christ follower, I’ll still love and support him.

WHy did christian god let his son die and raise him again, only for him to dissappear into thin air? Obviously Very intelligent christian God.

“prepare to be the next Nabeel Qureshi” :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

This is beyond Hollywood-grade trailers. Legendary.

Apostate prophet when you said " we will not stop bashing Muhammad " I can’t control my laughing
You both are doing great work
Love. . . from Pakistan