David Wood's Cancer Diagnosis

A bunch of you have been asking me for the results of the biopsy that I mentioned a while back. Here are the results.

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I am from WV, and you are so right on how we handle medical issues

Good luck David. Doesn’t matter what you look like to us or to Jesus , you will still be awesome in delivering God’s word.

Get your bum checked you might cancer there too

Hes eating too much pork meat

Who cares about him

David! How could you give up your Mark of Prophethood!

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ that has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen

This was insane…I was so worried at the beginning and now I can’t stop laughing. Classic David Wood👏🏿

how do you keep a straight face :rofl::rofl:

Our prayers for you bro, the power of Jesus will heal through out your body. Lot of Love and Regards for you. You are one of the pioneers of breaking the Quranic claims of psycho mohamad.

God help you my bro, you did a good job to destroy the claims of stupid islam. many millions learned from you and exited from dirty cult of islam.

David Wood is the best theologist in the world, like if you agree.

Praise God, you are already healed…

If I wasn’t already a Dwood fan before this , I am one now ! God bless you and your sense of humour.

Im muslim i really wish you recovery. I love your attitude towards your case good to have positivity in dark moments.
May Allah guide us and you to his path

Lol damn bra, you were hideous to begin with. I mean you are the missing ancestor between humans and apes. Now , damn sucks to be your wife , then again m sure she cheating on you ;)… put the hammer down wood

Are u allright now? Sir if you are diagnosed for disease take immediate treatment right Now

I have skin cancer, they never heal or go away.

You are soooooo West Virginia…love it.