David Wood's Speech on Linda Sarsour, CUNY, and Sharia

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The City University of New York (CUNY) selected Sharia advocate Linda Sarsour to deliver the commencement speech at it’s 2017 graduation. While I support Linda Sarsour’s right to speak on college campuses, choosing her to give the final send-off to graduates and their families is a symptom of a massive problem at American colleges and universities.

In this speech, I explain why I am against the legal system Linda Sarsour supports. To watch the other speakers (including Pamela Geller, Nonie Darwish, Milo Yiannopoulos, and several others), click here: AFDI's Linda Sarsour Protest at City University of New York - FULL EVENT - YouTube

See all those people trying to speak over him? You should think to yourself? What are they worried about? Why don’t they want people to listen to him? Becasue they’re SCARED people will know the TRUTH!

Islam is religion of piece of S#!t.

Sir David Wood
Christian Knight
Modern Day Crusader

It’s a shame he’s religious at all. He makes fantastic points, and is clear in stating facts not rhetoric. Sadly the idiots trying to shout him down don’t even have the decency to listen to his points. Maybe they should all go to an Islamic emirate and try it.

Super David god bless you brother.

May god give you more strength brother David. :blush:

In this day and age where it’s a fashion of wave to show your victim card of islamophobia. You in the middle of the crowd speaking explicit truth about Islam gives me hope for the future. I will pray for you everyday, brother.

MAD respect for David! If I had HALF of his courage…

David wood run for President

A sharp and focused mind delivering a pointed message, not distracted by protestors of the truth. You’re needed in this world.

God bless you David.

Punishments in Islam:

God bless you David and your family.

Throw that Linda Sarsour out of America as the Indian government threw Dr. Zakir Naik.

Good on you david

in Jesus name one and only true God bless you with holy spirit.

God bless you Dave!

Damn, David you’re boss! Exposing these scumbags left, right and center.

God bless you brother :heart: