Dawah Destroyers? Saajid Lipham Blasts Mohammed Hijab and Yasir Qadhi for Shattering Quran Myth

Recently, Muslim daa’ee Saajid Lipham posted his “Open Letter to Mohammed Hijab,” in which Lipham declares that Hijab’s interview with Sheikh Yasir Qadhi was “the most damaging podcast to date.” Lipham is referring to the infamous “holes in the narrative” interview, where Qadhi exposed the myth of perfect Quran preservation. David Wood discusses Lipham’s concerns about the damage Dr. Qadhi’s comments did to Islamic dawah.

Saajid’s video: Open Letter to Mohammed Hijab - YouTube

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Saaijid, aka Robert, literally dwells in his parents’ basement.

I would like to ask your scholarly viewers…The first two Commandments sent down to Moses (as), do you think the Christians follow this? 1) To worship one God and one God only. To put nothing beside or above HIM. 2) To make no graven image whether it be under the sea, on land or above. Alhamdullilah Just in those TWO Commandments the Christians have failed the test of our Creator. So Sir, I would advise, before you try to take the splinter out of some else’s eye, take the beam out of yours first. As a Muslim we are to worship no other God but God. In the Arabic language for those who only comprehend English. “La illaha illa Allah” (I bear witness that there is no god but God.) If you were to ask a Christian Arab who speaks Arabic what the name for God is they would say, Allah. Alhamdullilah We believe in ALL of the Prophets (as) including Jesus (as). If we do not believe this then we are not Muslim. Just a little FYI, the Jews DO NOT believe in Jesus. Which makes me wonder what the hidden agenda is with the Christian Coalition???And yet the Christians are quickly siding with the very one’s who put our Messiah on the cross. And are avidly killing those who DO believe in him (as), the Muslims. And YES, Muslims believe Jesus (as), Issa (as) in Arabic, is the Messiah. We do not believe he is the son of God or God himself. For Jesus (as) said himself. " I was not sent to abolish the law that was sent before me, but only to fulfill it. Bible 5:17 So who sent him(as)???He didn’t send himself, God sent him, just like those before him (as). And there are “scholars” everywhere Rabbi’s, Clergy, Imams. On every level and doctrine, which by the way is against God’s laws. We are commanded not to divide into sects. But man thinks he know better than God. smh But until you break open and read your Book and stop blind following, (I know, its easier for many.), God will continue to keep you on the narrow minded path that most are on. So sad to see that the majority of human kind are spinning their wheels and not “evolving” in this very short period of time we have here on this Earth because the next life is forever. Allah, Illa (Aramaic Jesus’s language), Ella (all the same word stemming from the Sematic languages of that region) has made his truths very clear in ALL of HIS books that satan, shaytan in Arabic is an open enemy. . So we must treat him like one. And that ONLY Allah’s truths will shine, HIS light. In His preordained order. And the Jews DON’T have the corner market on the phrase Anti-Semite And really now…what was it that Jesus (as) said? “He who has no sin cast the first stone.” He (as) also said, “My children perish for lack of knowledge.” Alhamdullilah I encourage you, no actually I dare you to open the Noble Quran in your language and read EXACTLY what your mocking at. InshaAllah May the God of ALL the Universes guide us to the straight path and forgive us of our arrogance against HIS (swt) truths. Amen Amen Amen P.S. Allahu akbar means God is great. How many times in your daily life do you say that God is great through good times or bad??? In our salat (obligatory prayers) we say God is great 28 times in our longest prayer. And this is performed 5 times a day. Alhamdullilah This does not include optional prayers and prayers of thanksgiving. Knowledge is power ppl. This world is steadily being led into the darkness because of our lack of knowledge. Exactly what satan wants for us in this life and the next. Adhubillah!

David quit with editing skills :joy::joy::joy:.


Death will come to all of us soon than you will know islam is the truth.

Why does Sajid whisper all the time lol

Please upload videos on this topic of preservation of Quran so viewers gain more understanding.

Time has opened the eyes of our brother, the Muslims on Quran.

This Saanid guy can recheck the claims of YESHUA the Messiah and turn to Him in REPENTANCE. He ( Jesus) is the same yesterday today and tomorrow!. It’s a matter of sincerety and humility.

You are an uninformed, foolish man.
Sajid is corrrect. The subject at hand is not the words or meanings in Quran but the manner of the diacritical points.
These harakaat or tashkeel as they are called are used to recite and pronounce properly in Arabic.
There are a few different versions coming from different parts of the Islamic world.
Yet there is one standard which is considered to be far above the rest that is used most widely.That is Hafs an Aasim.
That is the one that the Ottomans distributed troughout their Empire which lasted 600 years, and it’s still the one that the government of Saudi Arabia publishes and prints worldwide.
There also exists different readings regarding a few pronunciations, due to the inability of some regions in the Muslim world who have never studied the basic classical Arabic,which was how the Quran was revealed through the prophet Muhammad in the areas of Makka and Madina in the 7th c.
This is indeed a subject for experts in all the different readings of which you are not one. These people are found mainly here in Cairo.
I as a former Catholic, I am aware that there are 73 different translations of the Bible.
It would be foolis of me trying to determine the truth found hidden between classical and modern Greek and Hebrew.
Obviously the first step in such an undertaking would be my knowledge in those languages.
It is not in my skill set.
I hope I have made my point clear.
I advise you to stay in your lane.

So BOTH the Bible and the Koran too are corrupted Mr.Saajid? And who are the " people of the Book?" Corrupted" too?
Interestingly Jesus did not dictate/write the biblical (Injil) texts. He wrote no books, but books were written about Him by others.
And it’s wrong to worship the Bible or any other book for that matter. Besides,
Jesus never said / claimed to be God. Others who saw Him and His life undertood His divine NATURE and crucified him. But He ROSE AGAIN!

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I’m not muslim nor will I ever be muslim, but I feel kinda bad for saajid, having his faith ripped apart suddenly like that. Hopefully the guy will leave islam though.

What happened between you the other two you had with you when going uthaman? Where are all the full videos 4 times? I guess you like to hide it from your christina audience

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What is wrong with this brainless people they listen whoever talk to the last God will judge us individually

It is like the Emperor’s New Clothes - Muslims are conned into thinking that Muslim arguments are like beautiful fine clothes, but anyone not brainwashed can see that Muslim arguments are actually like standing there naked with everybody looking at your private parts.

For that interview to put a doubt in Muslims’ faith in the preservation of the Qur’an should not change anything as any normal people should be able to see many, many, many contradictions in an version of the Qur’an: the Hafs, the Aasim, the Warsh, the Ibn Kathir, the Douri… all 30 standard qira’at Qurans (as documented on Wikipedia Qiraats) - even before you get to all the ones that weren’t chosen as standard.

Yasir abdool Qadri :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:makes a big holes in the islam

Sajid is speechless :rofl::rofl::rofl: