Dealing with Death Threats (David Wood)

Anyone who criticizes Muhammad and the Quran is bound to receive death threats. In this video, David Wood explains how he dealt with a recent threat.

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David my dear hes an imbecile.

They scream hissy fits ss Christian prince wont show his face. You do thryre still winghing

Many times I was against David Woods but after listening to him honestly I decided to leave that fucking religion

Wow !!!
That was just brilliant
Sir David Wood
Modern Day Crusader
Knight of our Lord
Jesus Christ

May the Lord be with you and guide you always Brother David… God bless you …

That was badass.

But I do pray that this guy receives God’s mercy. I dunno what’s changed in the last 5 years, but hopefully he’s taken the next right step by now.

I find your testimony awe-inspiring. I also have a past of deep hatred and worse. God can turn anyone around once that first step is taken in His direction. I thank God for you David, and your family, and apologetics. Can’t wait to keep learning and continue the fight for souls. God bless you brother.

Wow, you’re a really based individual. Strong minded I mean. Yet, it’s comforting to hear you speak. :slightly_smiling_face::+1: Respect!

To the trolls out there trolling me this is exactly why you will never see me posting pictures of my family up because of threats like this I like to keep my family safe

That dude needs to quit Islam and finish 1st grade spelling!

This guy is courageous

my goodness we live in the bronx… im dead

I’ve been told to get sick and die many times. I’ve also been told that people hate me, that I’m going to be killed an an opportunity that some people are seeking to take my life. I’ve also been mocked at, too. And what about being accused of not being perfect because of what people know about me? Not being perfect is a good reason for me to be a horrible person for wanting to trust in Jesus, but if I was someone who really hates God, this is fine because it matches my evil past. If I trust in Jesus, I’m apparently worse than someone who just accepts that they can’t and shouldn’t, be forgiven.


Message to those viewers, I’m ready for when ever… spare me

This video reminds me the words God spoken about the generation of Ishmael: "He shall be a wild man; His hand shall be against every man, And every man’s hand against him. And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren .” (Gen 16:12)

Devil Mark Wood showing fake misleading people :smiling_imp:

Man i couldn’t even read that clump of words he just smashed together

Mohammad Hijab got past your fake ‘security’. How come you couldn’t answer any of his questions? Your one argument was shot down straight after your debate. Everyone is still waiting for you to answer the four questions which ruined your career😂. Also, you should watch who the most influential man ever to walk the earth is. You’ll find the answer very surprising!

5:50 I love how you are trying your best not to laugh as you are summarizing the insults.