Dearborn Arrests (Unedited Video Footage, by Request)

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This is a link to reports by Mayor John O’Reilly, the City of Dearborn, and Police. We invite viewers to compare the video footage with the claims of Dearborn officials.

The more I watch this video the more I cry. You stood your ground for Jesus. It didn’t matter the persecution.

Don’t let this video fool you for one second. these guys came to the arab American festival to wreak havoc an anarchy. They were very methodical and were poking people with nasty questions off camera and turning the camera on to get the reaction, this video is a visual proof of methodical hate at its worse. I was there, I saw them with my own eyes walking around instigating asking questions about polygamy and terrorism in Islam and are all Arabs terrorist? They walked from one end of the festival to the other just provoking any single person they could get their camera on willing to talk. They’re evil was unmistakably racist and hateful. The video doesn’t show 10% of what these men tried to accomplish during their trip. You could live to be 500 years old and never witness the racist campaign Nabeel Qureshi inflicted. These were every day hard working Arab-Americans enjoying a festival on their days off of work with their loved family members of children only to be prodded and poked by Nabeel Qureshi and his Christian zealots.

I love you guys for your patience…jesus smashed allah…

God bless that muslim arab men! He and his friends and the rest of all the arabs are real life heros! god bless

i love arab muslim people cuz their suppper peacefull! God bless

I thought there was freedom of speech in America ?

Wow! What a coincidence, i went to the zoo once and the animals were acting up so the cops came and put the zookeepers in a cage!

8:35. Make you look stupid? You did that yourself 73. I.Q. Of 73. And thats being generous!

I get these guys are Christians but they will defend themselves right!?

David, inspired by your’s and Nabeel’s courage and calmness throughout the situation. Acually ,the guy who was openly cursing should have been charged and removed from the scene, he looked like he was probably in his late teens. I studied in the US and worked there for few years before returning to India in 2017. Really dissapointed to see this happen in America, not a good sign. I’ve also spent a part of my life (till high school ) in Saudi Arabia as my father was working there !!! I know it goes without saying the stark differences in both the cultures. I would say Saudi was and still probably is one of the worst places for foreigners to go and work or do anything for that matter. To put it briefly our family stuck to our own circles which consisted of people from India or other foreigners and rarely interacted with any Saudi families. And if I happened to meet any Saudi kid in parks or other public places the interaction was almost similar to the one Nabeel had with the teen in this video, very aggresive, almost criminal behaviour. I think if hatred is taught to you over and over again that’s what you become- a lesser human being. David, I support and appreciate your efforts in exposing the Quran and its fallacy. Most people are ignorant and are cultural muslims.I am sure your videos will help those who are seeking the truth.

Orthodox and Catholics don’t proselytize and try to get a reaction out of others. Be more like them.

must have parked in the wrong spot

Nabeel had alpha energy in this video

Dumb thugs acting like their a saint, but they are utter craps, acting like drunk dumbs

Nobody making this Muslim boy look stupid, He’s doing that all by himself :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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We all miss Nabeel…Always sending peace and prayer to his family and beautiful daughter.

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