Dearborn Police Bar Christian Group from Public Street Near Mosque

In 2010, Dearborn Police arrested Christians for peacefully discussing Christianity with Muslims, and they stopped Christians from distributing the Gospel on public sidewalks. In 2011, things haven’t changed much in Dearborn.

Imagine the outrage and call for arms if a Muslim did this near a church

The government especially the police are so scared to agitate or even give the muslims any reason to start a riot, can you imagine having a riot of muslims in a muslim area. You’ve seen time and time again, they become violent in an instant especially when they are in a large group. Did you see when the muslim side started charging on the other side of the street? What did the police do? Nothing! And who’s the aggressor? The muslim side started throwing stuff on the other side.

I think if you research it the chief of police is a musllim

Cry cry cry, that will not do a thing but make them laugh at you. They have taken by force, so take it back be force. This needs to happen soon, it may be to late for your area.

This is a normal precautionary measure so that there will be no religious quarrels. You have not found any place to establish Christian institutions near an Islamic mosque

Behind the immigrant with the red shirt there’s a sign. I bet he didn’t need a sign to advertise what ever he was advertising/selling

Your problem is you think the Constitution still applies. Our government has legislated away the privileges and protections of the Constitution.

What can we do as Americans? Besides praying, making donations to organizations that expose & defend our US Constitution, liking & sharing this video, what can we average Americans do?

This America our country not yours we are free to go and walk any where in America

The Chief of Police is muslim. He also claims he worked for Homeland Security before that, during O’Bama’s tyranny. Coincidence? Hardly! Another is running for governor of Michigan this year! Bounce these clowns to the curb!
Testing us I believe!
This is going too far!
Double MAX sentences for traitors!

I live in MI and we never saw any of this on our local news. That’s just how much power they have. If it wasn’t on YouTube I wouldn’t have seen it.

Islamic sorcery is dominating our leaders and law enforcement.This is a very powerful spiritual warfare.This Islamic domination in Dearborn Mi is totally unacceptable.


They should do it anyway. When it’s all over, they’ll win.

People are being stoned with the blessings of Police

They are changing the Constitution …

Are there no-go zones in Dearbon?

The Dearborn Policy is to Ban Christianity in total. The Police of Dearborn still bans all Christians even with a permit to leave The city as law breakers. Soon Dearborn Michigan will evict ALL non Muslim residents as illegals to leave Wayne county Michigan.

you cannot force your beliefs on others…