DEBATE: Did the Muhammad of Islam Exist? (David Wood vs. Jay Smith)

Did the Muhammad of Islam exist? Dr. David Wood says “Yes,” while Dr. Jay Smith says “No.” In this debate, they lay out the cases for and against the existence of Muhammad.

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I as an Ex-Christian who used to hate Islam but after my deep research I found Islam is the truth. (Jesus is not God, Trinity is 3 Gods, crucifixion of Jesus makes no sense because God was already forgiving people in the Old Testament like David was forgiven by repentance. God used to forgive the intentional sin by repentance as Ezekiel 18:20-22 teaches). These Christians hate preachers are lying about Islam . Islam is the* truth

Imagine Mohammad not being real. All the wars and bloodshed, the rules, fatwas, ISIS and jihads through history all in vain. Like if we could prove this as fact we’d have world peace tomorrow. We can convert mosques to museums and libraries! Fun times!

Dr. Smith is wrong about Abbasids. They were not Persians. well that is true that they defeated Omayids with the help of some Persians, but after reaching power they did the same as Omayids did. Killing, force conversions, fighting with whoever wanted to re-establish Sasanian Empire(or any Iranian independent state). Infact Abbasid era is the time that Many Great Persian Generals started rebellion against The Abbasid Caliphate power. Maziar, Babak, Yaghoob Leith Saffari, Mardavij are just some examlpes of Persian resistance agaist Abbasids. As a Persian is burns my heart that somebody calls Islam a Persian invention😓

Jay is much more scholarly than David here. Man, David you seem like a person who is just attacking Islam out of hate but Jay seems like a person who cares about what is true about this religion. “Mohammed died like a dog”, what a thing to say. Even if it was true, you should be respectful because you believe all people are made in the image of God (i.e., Mohammed is also made in the image of God). Also, according to modern scholarship the biography of Mohammed was invented by the Muslim community to interpret the Quran (e.g., the Satanic verses).

personal conclusion: jay won, but davids right

Well fortunately for the mass who believe in Christ, thankfully God died for their sins. What a belief to follow

Dr Wood is being ever so disingenuous if you listen to what he says and how he says it …he is being offensive to the Prophet Muhammad to get across the point while having a hidden agenda. Youtube is full of him being against Islam, so if you believe him you are no different !

These two are great friends and are often seen batting on the same side. What a Con. “Debate” did you say???

Time wasting channel

I love both of you for sharing your knowledge.

Disappointed Fan of David, he failed to provide one single piece of evidence. Great job Jay.

Every thing about Islam is invented for convenience of the inventor.

If we don’t even have Ibn Ishaq, it is that surprising we don’t have earlier records?
Why is so much of the Quran abrogated if it was made later to be a religious book instead of throughout the lifetime of Muhammad?
Why are there hadiths that talk about the Christian and Jewish Scriptures being authoritative if the Abbasids created Islam to throw off Christianity?

This is probably the only debate Muslims ever wanted David Wood to win

Ohh around 1:20:00 it makes sense why David keeps calling Jay a conspiracy theorist!
Jay has plenty of evidence, but it’s evidence of a conspiracy if Muhammad wasn’t real

I’m not a Christian but that Christian just busted up that white Muslim

Two Christians arguing about the existence of Mohammed? What a crazy time we live in​:sweat_smile: God bless you both, my brothers in Christ :pray::heart:

The real muhumad was Musaylimah. Or rather, the prophet type figure in Islam that got revelations from Allah was a dude named Musaylimah. He is known in Islam as “Musaylimah the liar”. The Koran says they called [muhumad] a liar. Well, it says “they call you a liar”. This Musaylimah also called himself “the messenger of allah” and even had his own Koran, which he used to recite publicly. Muslims say Musaylimah’s koran was ‘almost identical to muhumad’s Koran’ :thinking::open_mouth:, meeting the “produce a sura like it” challenge :thinking::open_mouth:. Musaylimah was another Arabian prophet at the same time as muhumad and they both knew of each other. Musaylimah’s god was Al Rahman. Like the name of the koranic god.
And for me, the real give away is that after many/most/all of the Koran memorizers were killed in a battle, abu Bakr sent for the followers of Musaylimah and guess what…asked them to recite Musaylimah’s Koran to him. Abu Bakr, the man first attributed with collecting the koran :thinking::open_mouth::upside_down_face:.
This is becoming more and more as clear as day. I’m surprised none of the big hitters have gone into this. I believe this reality would really rock muslims. It would touch the nerve of people’s who consciences have already been burnt out.

How did I miss this debate?
I am doing some research on a known African historical figure that is always presented as a Muslim. But an image of person clearly depicted a Christian. So I started digging a bit more, and it turns out even the quotes about him from Islamic historians and quotes attributed to the person did not show anything Islamic. Nothing at all. More revealingly, there is more said historically about this person from later Islamic historians than there is from the persons own people who were themselves a serious oral and scribal culture. None of it added up. Not even the in the slightest. I now believe that the muslim historians plagurized a myth.

So this does happen, where people turn mythological legends into real people.