Debate: Does God Exist? (David Wood vs. Heina Dadabhoy)

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Does God exist? In this debate, David Wood (Christian, former atheist) and Heina Dadabhoy (atheist, former Muslim) discuss the evidence.

To see why David became a Christian, watch this: - YouTube

To see why Heina became an atheist, watch this: - YouTube

God in all His wisdom chose the foolish things of this world to shame the wise and the weak things of this world to shame the strong. This is why debating the world on the basis of worldly wisdom will not bring about the shame God has in store for them. The ungodly will still turn a blind eye to the miracle of creation and a deaf ear to the logic of a Creator.
However, our God had chosen to reveal Himself ultimately by indwelling His people, whom the world regards as ‘foolish’ and ‘weak’. It is through our conduct, and in the way we face and overcome by the Holy Spirit the same struggles the world faces, that perhaps the eyes and ears of the world may be opened to acknowledge God. The fact that many do not, reflects poorly on Christians.

She sounds very angry at God!

I enjoyed the debate very much. Even though I am a Christian I really enjoyed Heina´s argumenting… It´s all good points. I don´t think it´s possible to proove existence of God to an atheist when her position is an uncertainty and expectation that God will keep “shrinking” in the future. It is not possible to provide direct evidence. And so it affirms the position of uncertainty. What makes belief in God certain is working of Holy Spirit inside the Christians and his changing her/him within. How is possible to doubt existence of God after being touched by Holy spirit and Jesus´s Mercy… But without that you cannot persuade uncertainty.
Just one point - about Heina´s arguments of altering human consciousness by different means - I went through years of being in altered states of consciousness most of the time. And no matter how out there the alterings were there was ALWAYS something constant unchanging beneath it - which made me not me as personality but me as human being - thoughts can get distorted, feelings can go into extremes or total dissociations but there is something ALWAYS which knows about its own existence and also dignity. When in altered states someone treated me poorly even though I couldn´t create thougs in my mind to react to because my thinking processes were distorted I knew what was happening and I still in the innermost depth knew right/wrong. And that this unchanging center of human consciousness is to be treated with dignity because it doing so is right. Now I know it more and more after accepting Christ and being changed so much. Being an image bearer comes with dignity lent by God.
So point: there is more to consciousness than thinking processes and experiencing emotions.

I want to aggregate that information is abstract. The girl in Q & A section say something and even David.
Information comes from minds. But what we had experience and but we know information like a paragraph, letters or symbols with a message and so on comes only from minds, from an intelligent agent/source.

Matter and nature has no consciousness and no intelligence to produce information arranged in a systematic way.

She is about to understand and God does know everything in every way , thge amazing thing that changes a person is the holy spirit not your weighing reasoning its God opening your eyes to the truth because vit it hidden from the unworthy . God says theres no reason to prove i exist you can see the proof all around .i think God blocks is from showing the unworthy or evil also funny how anti christians always accuse christians of sins so they have never studied christians because we know we are. Also the Bible dosnt call plants alive

Most uf her examples are created things shes ok with not understanding when i use a computer or phone i want to know how it works and how it adds more function through the years to be easier to use

Great introduction

Only Jesus Christ way
Good work sir
God bless you and your family Always brother :pray::heart::pray::heart::pray::heart::pray::heart::pray::heart::pray::heart::pray::heart::pray::heart::pray::heart:

Wow. Was she trying to be funny?

What an angry woman.

“If there’s one objective thing I can say it’s that I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t grow up in a Muslim country I probably wouldn’t have been a theist.”
Please look up the definition of “objective”.

I think she didn’t listen to anything David said. She argued weird points that showed how little she understood.

She is SOOOOOOOO STUPID. Jesus, she either can’t understand the arguments or just chooses to plain ignore them because of her pride

Omg that woman doesn’t understand a single thing of Philosophy. Hearing her talk is just like hearing Hitchens, Dawkins, Shermer, Normark, Atkins, etc, they are ALL the same, unfortunately, all very stupid, losing every debate they’ve been and not being at least smart enough to realize it.

This girl is too lost, anyways, she also needs to really read the Bible, she obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about when it comes to Christianity.

She was a much better debater then Michael Shermer. At least she listened to what David said and attempted to respond to it. Shermer didn’t even try to do that.

They said, she completely failed to refute any of David’s premises which, of course, were not his but Thomas Aquinas’.

No hate. No atheist ever has.

Here’s a totally not year 8 argument against God. Poor design + Problem of evil. Checkmate Theist

You can tell Heina has a script and sticks to it. If you get her off script she tries to steer it back onto the script that way she could seems like she comes out on top, (despite it not being the case) and if she doesn’t get back on script, she’s fucked and doesn’t know what to say. For example:
David: Molecules can not be about something the way a thought is
Heina:Yes they can
David: How?
Heina: Because they can

I love how composed and calm David is.