DEBATE: Does Islam Require the Violent Persecution of Christians? (David Wood vs. Daniel Haqiqatjou)

Does Islam require the violent persecution of Christians? David Wood quotes the Quran and the Hadith to show that the answer is a resounding “Yes.” Daniel Haqiqatjou responds with . . . well, you’ll find out.

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Does Islam require the violent persecution of Christians?

Praise the Lord Jesus is the Truth. Daniel only can avoid and change subjects and divert to other topics because he doesn’t have the truth. Unbelievably ridiculous debate everything he said could easily be destroyed but when debating with someone who’s demonic it’s not gonna go well demons are great at confusion…

I think the difference is that this type of conquest and spreading of religion by force is only found in Islamic scripture and not the others. Of course human nature is to blame for this but when you have a “prophet” saying these things, it really calls into question their credibility.

Horrible as it was the world is only aware of the kidnapping and trade of yezidi women and children. As always the world does not get to hear about the regular kidnapping, ripe and trade of grl children in Africa. Nigeria, Mozambique, Somalia etc are constant witness to this das-tar-dly practice as prescribed by the Arabic god Ala. it is time that the world lend their support to this practice of kidnap and sale of grl children. Please help create

Daniel does zero to help his side. He only makes Islam appear even less appealing, or hospitable for civilization. He’s loud and rude and just repeats the same inane argument over and over again. He interrupts David constantly, yet tells David not to interrupt. He has no valid case, so presents absurd scenarios, and strawman after strawman. What a whiny baby. He even makes Allah look bad.

The debate as formulated was over from the beginning. The rest of the debate was somewhat interesting but muddled because there wasn’t a clear new thesis to debate. I wish they would’ve ended the debate, chosen a new topic and returned for another debate.

As an Atheist, I would say Daniel had a clear victory.
Does Islam require violent persecution of christians?
David: Yes it does and quotes passages from Quran and Hadith.
Daniel: Gives a historical context of those passages and proves it does not require violent persecution. However, Islam does discriminate non-muslims when its in power, but that’s what all ideologies do.

I love when David says: Mohammed is the most obvious False profit in history and caravan robber. haha :joy:
I am an ex Muslim, converted to Christianity about 18 years ago. I flew from my country due to persecution.
Islam is the most false religion at all times.

Muslims do not understand unless they reject Islam. Their book misleads them. Turn to Jesus. Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world.” John 18:36

David Wood won this debate immediately.

The only thing I see is that Islamic apologist have found someone as obnoxious and harsh as David to try and slow him down a peg or two lol. Yet still no true ground to stand on for Islam or the secular world. Repent and trust in Isa.

Christians are not responsible for killing or subjacating nations from or for expansion. Rome and Europe are young nations into Christianity and were following their ways and ideas for expansion early on, not the Bible. Christianity never needed or does not need violence or government control for expansion and that is proven. True Christianity has used nonviolence mostly to yeild it’s biggest expansion throughout the world which is now coming all over China, Africa, and Asia. In America you can see some of Christianities finest non violent work from the free and enslaved black Church members who used it’s doctrine to debate and consult Europe and American superiors unto rejecting slavery and radical racial tactics. If this way was used initially it would have taken over as majority sooner. Which proves it’s doctrinal and divine, logic and spiritual superiority.

It’s no need to point judgement of nations out to followers of the Bible because we clearly see that many nations were judged by God for wicked ways, including Israel who is not a nation under God today because of such as well as the new covenant. And exactly because of the new covenant is why Christianity does not fit or can be equal in this same place as Islam. No longer does God call for His people to judge people or nations by the Sword because this is the time of Grace and reasoning all nations into that gift of grace . The next take over or weeding out of evil will take place by Jesus himself through tribulation and the coming judgement. Islam and any other ideal rejecting the way of Christ and spreading the gospel simply needs to go, or be considered for your “avalanche of apostasy” because they are evil or just another form of rejecting God. The time to totally manage the earth under power will be by children of Jesus and under the power of the Glorified LORD of creation.

I think many including David and Daniel are not recognizing or ignorant to Kingdom understanding from a theological standpoint. Islam is a secular militant governing ideal period, just as other worldly government ideals. Christianity and Judaism stand alone from these categories. This is simply based on the creation narrative, purpose, and interaction of the Creator from Genesis through the Torah, vs Muhammad’s idea of gathering the Arabs and taking over areas for personal reasons. The God of the Bible clearly had another idea in mind for creation being managed by humans with His sovereign guidance relationally and cohesively. Consider Israel asking for a worldly monarchy, consider the New Heaven and New earth, consider the prophets and kings that God loved their character and affect on the world around them with such humble and reverent dealings.

Love how you bring the truth David God bless you :pray:.

So David was and is 100% right.
Frankly, religion is also evil.
Daniel was trying to put words into David’s mouth; then claimed David said something he did not. This is a great reminder that Is lslam is not a religion of peace.

Try to win first then say your sayings.

they should speak what islam teach vs what bible teach.

Christianity is finished, just like david wood.

I have no problem with only Christians having the right to be in American government and making policies, after all the Holy Bible says, “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven”. And only Christians believe in loving their neighbors as themselves. There’ll always be wolves in sheep’s clothing that will want to corrupt the gospel these are the people that Daniel (debating Muslim) has a an alliance with so don’t be fooled.