Debate: Does Science Show That Muhammad Was a True Prophet? (David Wood vs. Nadir Ahmed)

Does science prove that the Quran came from Allah? Do physics and biology show that Muhammad was a true prophet? David Wood (Christian) and Nadir Ahmed (Muslim) debate the evidence!

For the post-debate Q&A from the livestream chat, click here: Does Science Prove Muhammad Is the True Prophet? | Acts17Apologetics Vs Nadir | Debate Podcast - YouTube

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Jesus is is is the big and the only boss and master and the lord of all amen david wood is the stodent of the lord

Nadir, you demanded proof that Muhammad was a scheister and David delivered. What’s the problem there?

I thought the opening statement was an opportunity to state one’s own opinion.

I’m 5 minutes into this and I’m already asking if it’s possible for anyone to be as thick and stupid as Nadir Ahmed

Notice this guy’s Nervous laugh :smiley: :grinning:

I thought Nadir disappeared after he was spanked and embarrassed by Dr. Michael Brown!

Is Nadir an undercover Christian apologist ? Looks like both of them plotted to make his argument as stupid as possible

Nadir’s goofy little chuckle is so annoying.

I think Nadir’s parents have a better claim to be prophets than Muhammad did. After all, they had the foresight to name their son “Nadir,” and look at him now.

Thank you, even after watching this I’m still a Muslim😄

Wow… just like someone already commented; “nadir… the gift that keeps on giving!!” This guy is the worst thing for islam! But, Thanks nadir!!!

Every time I ask a Muslim why his prophet perform cleansing ritual in a filthy water, they all replied “oh because in those days in Arabia there were not enough water” well what about the Hadith that says Muhammad made water coming out of his fingers into a pot and all his companions was able to perform ablution and drink!
Muslims come up with ridiculous excuses to defend their satanic prophet.

If I was a Muslim I would be VERY embarrassed with Nadir’s incoherent arguments. I also noticed the absence of Muslims in the comment section defending Nadir’s embarrassing arguments.:joy:

Nadir is a joke just like his false so called prophet! I can’t believe anybody will take any of his ridiculous arguments seriously…

Best pasting you’ve ever given David. I’m not sure he got the memo about the debate topic. It wasn’t fetal alcohol syndrome, though you wouldn’t guess by his answers. We always need the last word with these, otherwise they make stuff up and throw it out, all in one last gasp

I am dumber for having listened to Nadir Ahmed. Mr. Ahmed, for the love of Allah, take a debate class.

David gives the versus of the q’ran but Nadir never gives the chapter and verse of what he says.
Show us where Jesus got angry about washing hands.
He is lying.

This was a very painful debate to watch, thanks to Nadir. Everything this man Nadir said was absolutely deceptive, ridiculous and painful to hear. The way he twisted everything has made me doubt his sanity.

Nadir sounded as if he was just proudly showing off the little science article where they praise Muhammad as miraculous for saying to wash your hands. Nadir thought that everyone would be like, Say no more, let me throw away all my religious beliefs out the window and believe and worship Muhammad because of this science article. :raised_hands:

Mohammed +2 for washing hands, no eating bats or monkeys.
Mohammed -15 for cosmic flat pankake earth fish skinny dipping sun and missile stars
Mohammed -37 for biology of baby making
Mohammed -58 for dead donkey water, camel urine, and sex with multiple potentially diseased captives.