DEBATE: Does the Bible Teach the Doctrine of the Trinity? (Anthony Rogers vs. Shabir Ally)

Anthony Rogers and Shabir Ally debate the topic, “Does the Bible Teach the Doctrine of the Trinity?”

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Shabir always resorts to “THR” in arguing against the Trinity: Text, History and Reason. Today, he ran away from the Old Testament text, butchered the history and left the reason behind.

@Acts 17, 1 Christians 12:3, says you can not begin to understand that Jesus is Lord without the Spirit of God.
For instance, where do you see the three in Matthew 3:16,17.
Who is able to forgive sins or raise the dead or raise Himself or cast out demons and walk on water or walk through walls???

At 22:05, Rogers says that God calls Himself God, but what about in the NT, his Messiah calls himself “the son of man.” Instead of saying “I” will do something, he says “the son of man” will do something. He uses the third person “he” for himself.

When Mr. Rogers says at 20:08 that people called God “they”, he should really say they said “Gods …” did so and so with a plural verb. He says “they” because it sounds bad to say “gods” did so and so with a plural verb. Literally, that is what it says not “they.”

Lol this is the biggest butt kicking I’ve ever seen. Kudos to Anthony Rogers.

Islam makes sense. Quran is the miraculous book of Allah. Everyone should learn how Quran is a miraculous book.

As a member of the Biblical Unitarian Faith i can honestly say that there is NO scriptures that support the Trinity doctrine.

Shabir most of the time speak thru his opinion no historical bases unlike bro. Anthony base on the bible…Shabir the god of swisted interpreter…

9:55 The introduction begins.

U ally fooling yourself, John clearly written about Jesus in chapter 1.u people are telling more thing about Jesus.knowingly these people are pretending.

Now the horns moved to the moderator

Btw why it is there!!!

Devil speaks in shadows !!!

Btw the shadow is intended?

Very interesting

Dr. Ali will you tell us from where second century apostles drove this idea of Holy Spirit. If u don’t know let me tell u the the truth they drove this from Holy Bible. It was not their own imagination. From OT to NT there are numerous verses where Holy Spirit is clearly mentioned. If u r trying to say that holy spirit was the imagination of second century apostles then your debating career is all finished.

Doctrine of Trinity is non- biblical.
Correct me If I am wrong.
Sir Agree with God and the teaching from God, Receive instruction from his mouth. Don’t eat the leavened Bread, but eat the unleavened Bread. Otherwise you will be like Eve. She didn’t agree with the word of God. Trust the following verses will be of use.
Deuteronomy 6:4; Mar 12:29; Job 22:21; Deu 4:2; 12:32; 18:19-20; Mat 23:10; 4:4; 16:12,6; Jn 10:30; 7:36; 8:37;
THE words spoken by Messiah Yeshua does not find a place in you. Teach the truth, do not go beyond what is written…1 Cor 4:6; 2 Jn 9; Col 3:16; Presumption is idolatry 1 Samuel 15:23; Also read James 3:1; Jn 13:20; Mat 10:40;

Ally pulls out a book on his desk that contradicts the Bible and then implied it must be true because it’s not the Bible. The debate was what the Bible says about the nature of Jesus, not what books on his desk which aren’t Gods Word say.

Does the bible teach the trinity? No.

And yes, I am a Christian