DEBATE: Does the Old Testament Teach That the Angel of the LORD Is Yahweh?

At 3:00pm (Eastern Time), Anthony Rogers and L. J. Thriepland will debate the topic “Does the Old Testament teach that the Angel of the LORD is Yahweh?”

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If you just started watching this, there’s a static sound in Anthony’s mic at the beginning. Gets fixed after that.

2:25:42 It doesn’t change anything if Jude 5 does in fact say that the Lord delivered his people out of Egypt. This must be read in context with Jude 4 which identifies Jesus as our only Sovereign and Lord. Jesus is our only Lord. And it was the Lord who saved his people from Egypt. This gives us the same message as the variant which has Jesus in Jude 5, the message being that it was the Lord Jesus Christ who delivered his people out of Egypt.

Pointing to this textual variant in Jude 5 will not help people who deny the Lord’s pre-existence.

We need more Antony debates

:rofl::rofl: awesome watching it on his phone at the same time

I am Trinitarian but Jesus is the Word not a messenger (Angel) of God. God has never told an angel “you are my son.” In the OT, Jesus was the eternal Word. The NT makes it clear Jesus is NOT an angel. To say Jesus was an angel in the OT confirms Jehovah’s Witness believe that Jesus is Michael the Highest Angel and commander of the Lord’s army. We must not worship an Angel like those who worship the angel Satan. I do not understand why people feel the need to insert Jesus into the role of a mere messenger, which is what the messenger of the Lord really is. The angel speaks with authority and as YHWH because that is what he is supposed to do. Elijah was cared for the angel of the Lord and THEN spoke with the Word in the cave! The Word is different from the messenger. This does not take away from Jesus. On the contrary, it lifts Jesus higher. In the NT Gabriel is also called the angel of the Lord. Is Gabriel on the same level as Jesus? Is Gabriel also Jesus? Of course not! The “angel of the Lord” is a mere title for the messenger that speaks on behalf of YHWH. Is Jesus also Metatron? No! Please do not be misled brothers and sisters!

I love thriepland, he seeks truth and I am 99% sure he will enter the kingdom of heaven. He is humble, soft-spoken and he follows Jesus. I think the spirit of the LORD is in his rather than many trinitarians, although I may disagree with him :sweat_smile:.
And he is very much better than Dale and Hijab.

Great job Brother Thriepland (LJ)

Why do people waste time talking about crap that has NOTHING to do with the topic… Dude spent minutes with his pity party of “oh I may not win oh this is my first debate oh people already think I lost” just shut up and get to your view already and defend it. I didn’t think u already lost until you told me how much of a noob u were then I just wished ud shut up

Unitarians don’t listen

LJ can’t answer Anthony Rogers. LJ can’t even show his positive argument for representative of THE ANGEL OF THE LORD

Anthony wrought a great slaughter in this debate…

2:47:55 Why Does Yahweh need someone to speak on behalf of Him in Heaven when Yahweh Himself is in Heaven? ( does that make sense)

Lj wrote a book to discredit the true children of God and gets shamed in this debate. he deserved it. All praises to God. :fist:t5:

Anthony won by a landslide

it’s really good to see unitarian to hear their side to be exposed by Anthony Rogers. unitarian picked and choose the verse to prove their doctrine and set aside the rest of the bible.

Bible is the whole context. uni can’t

Just because He is not named [Jesus] in the old testament, it does not mean that He is not there. Remember, the new testament writers wrote for those who were steeped in the old testament (the Jewish scriptures). We need men like Anthony because as a person with christian parents, I attended a church that focused primarily on the new testament, I didn’t begin to get a clear understanding until I began searching out the old testament. God Bless and thanks for men like Anthony.

this is one way debate. it’s like Anthony gave seminar to LJ.

This debate is painful to watch. Poor LJ got annihilated. I don’t even need to understand english to know who is winning

LJ believes in the racist cult black “hebrew Israelites” so I’m not surprised his understanding of scripture is erroneous