Debate: Is ISIS Islamic? David Wood (Christian) vs. Osama Abdallah (Muslim)

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Politicians and the media assure us that the actions of ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) have nothing to do with the teachings of Muhammad or the Quran. Jihadists fighting for ISIS, however, can quote Allah and Muhammad to justify their campaign of violence and terrorism. So is ISIS Islamic? In the Western tradition of open debate, David Wood (Christian) and Osama Abdallah (Muslim) state their case for and against the claim that ISIS is Islamic.

1:16:18 why do they still use that verse? And they never quote the start of it and they never quote the verse after! WHY?!

We just cant talk much to uncivilised people …is (the islamic state ),they are the fundamentalist of islam ,and thats not good !°

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ISIS really followed the teaching of muhammad.

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The Quran never teach human to killed each other.David have a lot of assuming against Islam. Real haters

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