DEBATE: Is Islamic Monotheism Pure? (Shabir Ally vs. Anthony Rogers)

Does Islam teach the doctrine of tawhid (tawheed)? Dr. Shabir Ally (Muslim) and Rev. Anthony Rogers (Christian) debate Islamic monotheism.

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this is not because of rodgers, no matter how smart you are you will still be stuck with logical falacy, because that’s a contradiction

The Topic is tauhid, why Shabir always comeback to Bible?
ITS character all of muslim, because they are have no answer from their book

Shabir was really clutching at straws in this debate

He said we can explain this… we don’t know. What???

The topic is " is Islamic monotheism pure" ally " let’s talk about the trinity" thank you for explaining your view of monotheism shabir ally. Once again, muslim blunders on his platform. Were getting use to this. They can’t stay focused. They just cant

It is always right to say Muhammad peace be upon him. Because he was quite violent.

No, it’s polluted!

LOL, what a title.
“Pure” … what else is it? Polluted?

What kind of sacrifice is currently offered to allah?

Christians have the PROMISE OF ETERNAL LIFE through the FINISHED WORKS OF CHRIST but not a single muslim has a guarantee of eternal life up to this day.

“And this is the promise that He has the promise that He has promised us - Eternal Life”.
( 1 John 1:25 )

Shabir Ally, did Allah aka Satan, rob the promise of Eternal Life from the muslims, that was given to the Christians ?

Anthony Rogers has got it wrong. I don’t know if he’s lying or just misunderstanding. At approximately 142:00 of the debate he says the Qur’an calls Prophet Muhammad pbuh “The Most Merciful” which is an attribute of God alone, hence his false claim of Muslims applying godhead to Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

The Qur’an clearly uses the word of Muhammad pbuh “rahim” which is merciful. The use of Ar-Rahim is only used when speaking of Allah as it His attribute alone meaning “The Most Merciful”

Shabir… Go on retirement , I like you I respect you but … Man it’s over…

" maybe Allah’s hands can blow bigger and say not 99"

I couldn’t help myself from laughing :joy:

Anthony you are lion bro, I enjoy your debates.

I feel like crying when an innocent humble man like Shabir loses this way. This guy has done a lot for Islam and it’s high time for him to find Jesus. He is always defending things that are impossible to defend.

Anthony is underrated

Shabir ali stupid is he, dumb as a briiick. Slower than 10 regular men obiviously.

I’m no scholar but this Reverend is rambling on and has not produced any proof that Islam preaches anything but monotheism. A description of figurative attributes is hardly evidence of a plurality. How else is a scripture meant to relate to its readers without using a literary framework that resonates with the reader. Talk about clutching at straws…

I dont know where the other commentators have their ears but Anthony Rodgers speaks eloquent rubbish…

Why did you off the volume at the first minute

Has the word “won” changed?