Debate: Is the Bible a Book of Peace? David Wood (Christian) vs. Shabir Ally (Muslim)

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Is the Bible a book of peace? Christians point to Jesus’ commands to “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” to prove that Christianity is a religion of peace. However, the Bible also contains reports of Joshua invading the land of Canaan, Saul fighting the Amalekites, etc. So what’s the Biblical position on peace and violence? In this debate, David Wood and Shabir Ally go through the text to get to the truth.

To All Christians… Where I can find the word Christians in the Bible, but but… where is the bible( orignal), All the Books are As Gospels, references with Not Jesus, sorry to say, is Jesus is the original name? Or something else? GOSPELS are according to Jesus or by Peter, John, Matthew, are the gospels are to be changed after years to years? Why…

It’s like one person came prepared, and one hopes that he would not be questioned or notice he changed criteria.

All of Ally’s “evidence” comes from the Old Testament. All Dr. Wood had to do was say “Jesus fulfilled that law, it no longer applies. Your evidence is null.”

Bible is not only a book of piece it is peace

God bless you David

Your story is so amazing. Its an irrefutable example of the transformative power of God. God bless you and the work you do!

Christianity is equal to paganism. All Jews and Muslims agree on this point. Christianity or trinity is an instrument of council of nicea to embrace their roman masters in order to escape their persecution. Guess what Easter has the same date of birth of Roman god of that time. Coincidence I don’t think so.

I shit on the quran and muslim donkey religion :joy::joy::joy:

I’ve never Seen Guy who Lost every debate but still braging about losing hahahahahaha

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you doesn’t respect muslims and insults the Quran you shouldn’t live in this world because you are like the devil and your place in hell i am a christian too but i respect other people’s religion god teach us to respect other people’s religion don’t be arrogant i hope you change

Hey DaWood, why dont u start preaching bible in the church. Or is it the preaching that makes people lose faith.? Thats why u start twisting Hadist according to ur own self proclaim translation.

The bible is nonsense from beginning to the end!

The bible was never a book to begin with!

Great testimony. Great start to explain Christianity is the religion of peace, when the Lord Jesus Christ comes to your life lives changes miraculously. Dr D Wood won the debate with the truth.
Omg Shabir always starts and ends with someone else books rather than his Quran :laughing:

David gives a testimony in intellectual terms. Shabir just gives an intellectual explanation of Jewish scriptures (which he actually believers are corrupt!) completely omitting any teachings of Christ. This Old testament trick works magic on the clueless.
There’s s depth entirely missing and very noticeable by the latter.

the gospels of Q? this dumb fuck realizes the gospel of Q is just what is in common between mathew and mark lol

Thank God This Debate happened in western country!
If this Debate was held in middle eastern countries or Muslim majority country the audience itself will start creating violence that’s for sure I mean 100%!

Islam idiology is dangerous for humanity .its a cult . all religion made by humans but no religion kill other people because he don’t follow his religion except islam