Debate: Is the Quran a Book of Peace? Shabir Ally (Muslim) vs. David Wood (Christian)

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Is the Quran a book of peace? Is Islam a religion of peace? Did Muhammad preach a message of peace and tolerance? In this debate, Shabir Ally (Muslim) and David Wood (Christian) scrutinize a variety of Quran verses to determine whether the Islam commands Muslims to live in peace with unbelievers.

No leg to stand on shabir

Brother shabir is the Quran a book of Peace yes or no give me some evidence not just jibber jabber

Why one person is speaking at the center of the stage and one on the sideways? Is is deliberate? This clearly shows that two people are not given a common or equal ground to speak upon. Just pointing out basics that bring out inequality. This makes me think like a psychological warfare in enemy’s territory. Don’t mistake the term enemy. All hail to cat lovers… xD :smirk_cat:

This father killer, David Wood, must be killed according to the Bible: Exodus 21:15
“Anyone who attacks their father or mother is to be put to death."

Im muslim and i wouldnt listen to shabir, i have heard him say things any muslim would question way before seeing this video.

Examples: 1st stage USA, 2nd stage Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3rd stage Saudi Arabia

:point_right:Allah almighty our creator says,
And this Qur’an is not a thing that could be composed without Allah’s Revelation: nay, it is the confirmation of what was revealed before it(Torah, Gospel), and full explanation of `the Book’.
There is no doubt about this that it is from the Lord of the universe.
Qur’an 10 [37]

:point_right:Allah almighty our creator says,
Do they say that the Prophet has composed it himself? Tell them,
“If what you say be true, then produce one surah like this and you may call to your assistance anyone you can other than Allah.”
The fact is that they have denied (on mere conjecture) what was not within the reach of their knowledge nor had they, as yet, tasted its consequences.
Likewise, the people who went before them declared as false the Revelations, but behold, what was the end of those unjust people! Some of these people will believe in it and others will not, and your Lord knows these mischief-makers very well indeed.
If these people declare that you are an impostor say to them "I am responsible for my deeds and you are for yours: you are not accountable for what I do, and I am not for what you do.”
Qur’an 10 [38-41]

:point_right:Allah almighty says,
The revelation of this book(Qur’an)is, without any doubt, from the Lord of the Worlds. Do the people say that this man(Prophet Muhammad) himself has forged it?
Nay, but it is the Truth from your Lord so that you may warn a people to whom no warner has come before you. Maybe they are guided aright.
Qur’an 32 (2-3)

:point_right:Allah almighty says,
This is the Book of Allah(God): there is no doubt about it.
It is guidance to Godfearing people, who believe in the unseen, establish the Salats(Prayer) and expend (in Our way) out of what We have bestowed on them; who believe in the Book We have sent down to you (i.e. the Qur’an) and in the Books sent down before you, and firmly believe in the Hereafter.
Qur’an 2 (2-4)

:point_right:Allah almighty challenges you,
And if you be in doubt whether the Book(Qur’an) We have sent down to Our Servant is from Us or not, then produce, at least, one Surah(Chapter) like this.
You may call all your associates to assist you and avail yourselves of the help of any one other than Allah.
If you are genuine in your doubt, do this. But if you do not do this, and you can never do this, then fear the Fire which has been prepared for the disbelievers and which shall have men and stones for fuel.
Qur’an 2(23-24)

Anyone who doubts the insidious nature of Islam can look to the example of Cat Stevens. The man has gone from “Peace Train” to saying that he believes Salman Rushdie deserves to die, and that he would even kill him himself in certain circumstances.

Much respect for Dr Shabir, very respectful and professional. I disagree with him but I applaud his civility

Wish all debate videos had comments on. Ehem… James white. :rofl::rofl:love the guy. Wish he let others interact with the video in the comments

wow David quotes more quran than shabir… why,… bcuz David talks facts…not opinions period.

Stupid bible your Bible like a :pig:

you doesn’t respect muslims and insults the Quran you shouldn’t live in this world because you are like the devil and your place in hell i am a christian too but i respect other people’s religion god teach us to respect other people’s religion don’t be arrogant i hope you change

Do you aware that you care our religion much more than yours? Because Islam is beautiful

David Wood paid to be a great liar … he make himself a fool debating against Muslim …Great loser too

Do a face to face debate with Zakir or mufti

The conclusion most people draw is this
Islam brings inner peace to those who have good understanding of it

I almost feel sorry for shabbir Ali! SP? He is making such an emphasis about how the Old Testament prophets + are portrayed. Does he understand that the truth about these people’s life is the important thing? Not leaving out the violence… just telling it like it is or was? He is grasping. He seems like an intelligent dude… Maybe if you lie long enough you start believing your lies and actually yes that is true! I have asked God to refine me like silver is refined and you have to cook it until you see your reflection in it just like God has to put us in the fire until he sees his reflection! My point being… I lied to myself for a long time, God is refining me and it is not fun all the time cuz I have to be honest about all that! Pray for the man

Oh my goodness his beard looks like one of them that tie behind his head! I can’t believe he is condemning the violence from Islam! Muhammad would probably cut his head off