DEBATE: "The Existence of God and the Meaning of Life" (Kile Jones vs. David Wood)

On October 20th, 2016, at Arizona State University, Kile Jones (atheist) and David Wood (Christian) debated the topic “The Existence of God and the Meaning of Life.”

Listening to Kile after being blood bought and scripture fed leads me to recall Solomon. I guess Kile missed Ecclesiastes when he was a “Christians.”

I am not a debater or apologist but the atheists arguments were so weak and easy to demolish

Kile crushed it

5:00​ Maybe "Shang Di"​ that you had missed to mention.

I’m sorry, i am really sorry, i know i should not talk like this… but this guy is an idiot. He is… ugh… so DUMB! Even as a atheist, i never thought like him, he is a… okay, that’s enough. And yeas, he never was a christian. A christian, if have FAITH will never change it, if you were a christian, truly. Otherwise you can change your MIND, you can be brainwashed, anything. NOTHING can change my faith, when God heals me, do miraces for me, answer my prayers EVERYDAY, HOW, tell me, HOW can i question the Bible if i do EXACLY like it says?
And still i have evidences in my life, but FAITH is more important. And i still bless that person, even that he is… he’s dumb, i’m sorry, i just… ugh. We can’t understand God… why are you making this up again?! If God reveals Himself, may be we CAN undrstand Him, why not, we are His image? UGHHHH, this is so stupid!!

Why all atheists always has at least some issue with them all the time? Because otherwise they would not care about christians, they would just “i don’t know”, but if they argue they pursue some goal, they are all anti-Christs, that’s their goal. And it matter’s not, wheither i am right or wrong, they are going to burn for it, for marginalizing christianity in public, making faith in Jesus Christ something humiliating and shamefull, not even letting people to determine for themselves, just humiliation and marginalization. None of them know christianiny at leas at 5%, they’re not even trying, and this can’t end well for them.

…and at the end of the video this guy basicly says that he is never even close to agnosticism, he’s a deep drowned in his own filth atheist, a shame of all humanity forebears. “Evolutional evidences”, “God certanly don’t exist”… oh, he was just pissing in my ears for one hour…

I’m watching the first rebuttals, and he’s describing the afterlife as torture that goes on for ever, but in his opening statement he was telling us how we cannot even describe infinity.

So right after bat. his reason for not believing in God is because he can’t comprehend an infinite God? So if I can’t comprehend quantum mechanics then it doesn’t exist right? i mean by that logic it wouldn’t.

I have a problem explaining the definition of infinity and I don’t know where God came from - therefore I am agnostic. OK.

God is Life. Life by definition is “to function”. There was always Life. To say God came from somewhere presumes that the starting point is 0 when logically that cannot be true. 0+0=0. {Note: the only way we even know there is a 0 is by positing a 1 and then subtracting another 1 - you have to presume the number 1 (which makes it infinite) in order to get 0}. The starting point was always LIFE. Life does not have constrictions - it can be or function as anything. Therefore, LIFE is infinity. The evidence of Life is called Truth. Life is what makes the definition of Truth true. Truth (as Life) is both singular (singular infinite - there can only be 1 infinite) and plural (infinity).

There you go - The definition of God; The definition of Life. The definition of Infinity.
Note: Life (is probably we perceive the singular God) - the EVIDENCE of Life - or the Definition of Truth (singular) is the Image of that God - called Son - or in human terms - Jesus.

David nailed it…this other guy was totally unprepared

If life is so fleeting and so precious, why do atheists spend their time trying to convince people of their beliefs? People live and die regardless of their worldview. I just don’t understand their motivation. To spread the truth? Why does the truth matter and how do you know that you know it? Regardless, the truth changes nothing. You came from stardust, and to stardust you shall return no matter how many truths you’ve found.

Atheists must think consciousness is a curse. To be a finite being with the sole purpose of propagating DNA just to stretch the human race out as far as it can go for no real reason. Think about how terrible it is to be aware of that fate. That we’re all going to die and there’s no real reason for it. The fact we even HAVE these consciousnesses is purely by accident. So we, the human race, are cursed to, not only live meaningless lives full of hardship, but to live every minute of it aware of our imminent demise. To REALIZE we’re cursed. Cursed by the universe for no reason.

I fucking hate atheists why can’t you fucking idiots get it through your thick skulls? god exists and god made you don’t question why you exist assholes, get over it.

Why don’t everyone simply believe that the ancient hebrew tribal god sacrificed himself to himself to appease himself so that mankind might be saved from his hate through his love? Athetits are at pains to deny this self-evident, intuitive truth!!! HALLLEELUUU-HELL-YEAAAHH!!!Praise the Laawwwdd!!!

Hi guys if you want to hear good arguments for atheism go and watch one of Matt Dillahunty’s debates.

so when ever i hear an athiest speak i become more christian. hearing athiest speak is so reinforcing to my faith. lol

You won it David!!

David Woods, you would make a great Catholic. You should consider that. I am more than willing to talk to you and help you in it.

God doesn’t need a cause because he exists outside of the laws and parameters of the universe he created. The universe was created by something outside the universe. I say that specific being was God (the God of the Bible), but by this argument is merely has to be a supernatural being (something existing outside the universe with the ability to bring the universe into existence. This cause doesn’t need a cause itself. That would be like saying a video game designer must abide by the same laws and parameters they create their video game world to abide by. That makes no sense, whatsoever. So, this idea that a god requires a creator is absurd.

Regarding an infinite being, Kile is right that there are certain things about him that are simply beyond our ability to comprehend. However, God has the ability to make certain things about himself known to his creation. God can communicate with us in ways we can understand, even if we don’t fully know how go goes about this. It’s like a child being able to play a video game or use a computer without fully grasping the inner workings of the technology. …Regarding certain attributes such as God being immaterial, non-temporal, non-special, etc. I have no problem with that. God is the creator of the universe. He exists outside of the very universe he created. So, he should be outside of time, space, matter, and energy. To prove he is the creator is not difficult. The universe began to exist a finite time ago (at the Big Bang). Anything that begins to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe must have a cause. This cause can’t exist within the universe because nothing within the universe would have been in existence prior to the beginning of the universe itself. This creates a binary between natural and supernatural; natural being within the material universe, and supernatural being outside the universe. In order for there to exist a natural universe at all, there must be a supernatural cause. The universe didn’t just pop into existence out of nothing. Some will try to argue this and they’ll use the case of subatomic particles appearing in the vacuum of space as evidence that something can come from nothing. Yet, this is not the case. These particles are appearing in a vacuum as a result of quantum fluctuations in the fabric of space. This is not nothing, defined as the absence of anything. Nothing has no properties, no material, etc. It has no thing. So that doesn’t work. Some will try to argue that the universe is eternal. Well that was refuted around the time of the Big Bang theory being accepted. Also, thinking rationally, if the universe was eternal, then there would be an infinite number of moments in the past and we’d never get to this point in time. So, it makes no sense for the universe to be eternal. There are all sorts of weird theories about multiverses and things on the quantum level. But, there is little real evidence. Also, something like a multiverse theory only pushes the question to “what caused the multiverse?” … Anyway, I’ll see how Dr. Wood responds.