Debate This Wednesday in California: Shadid Lewis vs. David Wood

David Wood vs. Shadid Lewis
“Is Islam a Threat to the West?”
Calvary Chapel Chino Valley
7:00 P.M. (PST), September 11th, 2013
12205 Pipeline Ave., Chino, CA 91710

We know who lost that debate cough cough David Wood

Muslims can never win the debate anyway as it is a fake religion everything it says contradicts itself

Don’t you think its in bad taste to have it on that date.

I saw the debate. Shadid is strictly only accusing and accusing. And denying and denying. Calling Muhammad and his posse liars. Islam is very vague,they have peaceful verses to be used in defense,when people criticize it,and verses of war so Muslim creep. What a dangerous Muslim mindset. Shadid got upset like he wanted to join alqaeda at some point.

David is a real Rockey Balbova…

I think the main problem for Shadid as a Muslim is how he answered the Umar issue.

He said “I do not think that Umar would say that, because Umar was a righteous man.”

First, he’s begging the question there.
Second, Shadid judges that statement of Umar on his own understanding of what a righteous man is. But Islam means “submission” - the Quran and the Sunnah are the ultimate standard for morality. If Islam teaches violence against Unbelievers, it’s righteous for a Muslim to be violent.

Just watched the debate. If you have to go off topic and throw out red-herrings like Shadid did:

  • trying to connect criticism to Islam - a religion/ideology - with racism of “the white west”
  • trying to say that Islam can’t be a threat to the west because the western countries spend more on military (here in Germany there’s quite a debate whether Saudi Arabia should be allowed to buy 200 of our Leopard 2 tanks, btw…)
    -doing the usual “you are not better!!!”

Speaks for itself.

Allah is Satan in disguise.

allah: is the greatest of all deceiver (al makir) and the most proud one

satan: is the greatest of all deceiver (al makir) and the most proud one

wake up. o muslims.

Yes. (It’s already on my blog via LiveLeak.)

1-Zakir Naik nor Khalid Yasin debates Christians
2-Maybe you should ask why they don’t want to debate?
3-I put a video on my channel today for Muslims and Christians to respond to about the claim that all “good” people will go to heaven according to Islam, which a female college student said to a Christian doing Open air preaching. You are a Muslim, can you address that please.

Will the full debate be on YouTube at some point?

I’ve watched a few debates with Shadid, he’s not a very good debater and sometimes begins to yell. He uses the same arguments most Muslims use, double standards, taking out versus of scripture from the bible to prove Islam without showing the context and ignoring other parts that do not agree with the Islamic view. Specifically the debate recently with C.L. Edwards and Shadid Lewis I’ve noticed this. I want to see what he;ll say this time.

I posted the story about Umar on my blog. If you’re offended by it, then you just condemned Umar. LOL!

False copyright infringement claim over a Hamza Tzortzis clip, but it takes about two weeks to clear it up.

Thanks! You did well in the debate.

However, I wonder if your relative silence in Youtube recently plus the decision to use Liveleaks instead of Youtube to upload this debate are indications that Youtube is giving you a hard time again as they’ve done on a couple of previous occasions. I really hope this isn’t the case.

The debate is on my blog.

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I hate to complain about this since you may be super busy for all I know. But please do upload the video of the debate as soon as you can. Many people are waiting to see it.

Good grief…Some of you are declaring to love jesus,then accusing David of being fat and ugly??..then using foul language??..What jesus do you follow? Since when did it matter what someone looks like.I think your decievers,just looking to give christianity a bad name.You give fuel to the fire of false doctrine and any muslim looking at the comments will be assured that this is how christians behave.Your sick,you DO NOT have the spirit of our king in your heart.