DEBATE: Trinity or Tawhid? (David Wood vs. Mohammed Hijab)

Here’s my debate with Mohammed Hijab on the topic “Trinity vs. Tawhid.” I was going to live-stream the debate, but there was only one ethernet port, and Mohammed’s team was using it.

Hi everyone! I’ll be live with Vocab Malone tonight at 10:00pm Eastern Time, discussing the debate. Join us on Vocab’s channel. Here’s the link: DAVID WOOD Post-Debate Interview | EXCLUSIVE - YouTube

Diagnosed psychopath! no wonder you have no shame in spewing lies and distortions all thay long for 20 years

“allah and his angels pray for the prophet” surely allah must be suffering from a mental disorder

If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.
Proverbs 29:9

Everyone sayings Mr David is calm , respectful and gentle , man he was infront of someone upto his level. Check out his videos and thumbnails.

This muhammed needs an exorcism more than partaking in debates

This debate really shows what Islam is. A mockery.

that debate was won fast. mohammed burqa confirms at 47:20 that according to the koran, allah prays. then he keeps laughing hoping if the muslims in the audience laugh with him, people will think he won. what a clown, he got destroyed. they all name themselves mohammed and grow beards like his and dont think thats idolatry

Interesting how Hijab accused David of using ad hominem, straw man, and red herring fallacies at the beginning of the debate then repeatedly uses those exact fallacies throughout the debate.

Let’s have a new debate.

David knows what’s the truth …he is arguing just not to lose the debate…If david seeks for the truth…DAVID will accept islam one day InshaAllah.

David wood fkedd :rofl::rofl:

Mohammad hijab lengendary

respect to david for staying calm like that…
i think i would have drawn a gun or sword or something like that to end hijab right there

David you got owned, why post you’re own defeat :thinking:

If the only thing that makes you hold on to your beliefs is faith there’s something wrong with your scripture .God is cut and dry .

Hijab give this guy more respect than he deserves

50:58 MADE NO SENSE. How embarrassing……

WTF… there is no Mark 8:48 … hijab must wear hijab and hide