Debate: Was Muhammad a True Prophet? (Andrew Livingston vs. Anthony Rogers)

Was Muhammad a true prophet? Muslim convert Andrew Livingston certainly thinks so. But can his reasons for believing in Muhammad stand up to scrutiny? In this debate, Christian apologist Anthony Rogers puts Livingston’s arguments to the test. Sam Shamoun moderates.

Wow! Andrew is boring!


Who is ala? Who ever heard ala speak or even seen ala?

Im seriously beginning to see a pattern in the people who believe Muhammad.
I think it is possible that to actually buy this nonsense you have to have some crossed branches in your tree. Not the leaders, they know the deal and simply ride that gravy train, but the ground troops are just pitiful.

May he be infinitely blessed :joy::joy: this guy was like nails on a chalkboard. In way over his head. Quite embarrassing for him.

Anthony has quickly become my favorite Christian apologist

Ever preached by any Prophet to his nation and at least Jewish people should not have forgotten it. Period!!

This was a really weird debate from the debate format chosen by the Muslim Apologist and then that he went on and change the topic by attacking the bible. How does that prove that Muhammad is prophet. Anthony’s 30 min positive case against muhammad was really good.

It was hard to listen to Andrew
My ears bled

Andrew sounds like Stephen Hawking LOL

This is WHY Anthony Rogers is more qualified to debate muslims that James White. He isn’t afraid to be direct and honest.

quran failed all test in terms of textual, moral, logical, historical and empirical evidence.

for example allah will protect his words but why there are many different versions of quran i.e. warsh, qalon, alduri, alsusi, ibn amir, hafs

only 1 contradiction or error found in quran in terms of logical consistencies, historical adequacy and empirical evidence is enough to invalidate the whole quran because allah claimed quran was perfect tablet in surah 85.22 and no contradiction in surah 4.82. also allah said none can alter his words in surah 15.9, surah 10.15, surah 18.27, surah 6.34, surah 6.115 but we knew that there are many versions of quran like hafs, warsh, alduri, qalon and those quran version are not identical and even the 6 major quran manuscripts are not identical and how come there are different versions of quran if uthman burned all the quran except the quraish dialect.

Antony Rogers is a bright young man.

Poor sound quality, so, difficult to listen to. Why on earth would a white man convert to islam? He is out of his mind.

Yahweh bless you Anthony! You destroyed the false prophet.

Anthony you are a genius & Sam is a living encyclopedia. You guys along with Wood are the Trinity Brothers . May God continue to bless you and may you continue to preach the truth

Poor Andrew!
I have to agree with Lee Sargeant: It would appear that Muhammed comforted his own lusts, greed, and his quest for power.

Islam, Islam, Islam “fight those who do not believe even among The People of The Book”… this is so ungodly, backward, hateful, aggressive, inconsistent and deceptive. Are The People of The Book not believers themselves, well before Muhammad started putting his story together as a believer? I ask a believer of what? Fight/attack them like ISIS did when they have done nothing to you! Muhammad at his best … “strike at the neck” when you meet them in battle; which battle? The one he started in the Arabian Peninsula. In other words, behead those who believe in Yahweh God and not Allah and his associate, Muhammad.

It might be too late for Muhammad to repent and accept Christ and be forgiven. I pray that those who have trusted him with their eternal destiny will see the danger and flee from the path of doom. Won’t you rather follow Yahshua/Christ Jesus (Salvation) who is in heaven instead of Muhammad in grave? Muhammad could not replace a believing Christian/Jew let alone Yahshua/Christ Jesus residing with The Father in heaven where He came down from!

Ohke… an apologist who is reading a openingsstatement from a paper? interesting… (not)