DEBATE: Was Muhammad's Marriage to Aisha Immoral? (David Wood vs. Kenny Bomer)

According to Islam’s most trusted sources, Muhammad married Aisha when he was 51 years old, and she was six or seven years old. Muhammad consummated his marriage to Aisha (daughter of Abu Bakr) when he was 54 years old, and she was only nine years old. Was this wrong? Christian apologist David Wood debates Muslim convert Kenny Bomer (aka Mujahid Islam) on the topic “Was Muhammad’s Marriage to Aisha Immoral?”

This debate was hosted by Modern-Day Debate:

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BREAKING NEWS: Mohammed Hijab agrees with ME, not with Kenny, about Quran 65:4 promoting marriage to prepubescent girls. Here’s the proof: - YouTube

As a Christian we respect you but your debate is always from point of hatred and just confrontation ,no logic and no convincing power…muslim always hammer us with logic and convincing the rest …anyway stay safe

I think, dear Christians you should not let your kids read Bible!!! Or at least you can mark the bible with 21+. Actually! For God’s sake, do you never get ashamed while reading how the prophet david rapes a woman on her period and makes plan to murder her husband to be able to get that woman as a new wife? Or dont you get ashamed while reading Lot went to bed with his daughters? Or dont you get ashamed while reading one of your gods (which one was he, dad god, son god or g. god or all in one ) lost in wrestling with a man and begged him for his freedom? Or dont you get ashamed while reading how the son of david raped his sister? Many others… And dont you get ashamed while reading how paul warns and teaches to Titus that if a man wants to be a priest, just to be a priest, he and his family members must have so inevitable, important characteristic and spiritual features? So that means paul is wiser than your gods?! Cause your gods chose wicked men with wicked family members who raped, murdered, had incest sex, worshipped the idols and so on, but paul is wiser cause he picks those who are honest, honorable… Then I think you should also deify paul the real father of christianity, as the wisest god of yours! And make him have a chair above the trinity.
Ps: in islam all prophets of Allah have the common spiritual and characteristic features, : ismah, honesty,…
Open your eyes, these lies about the prophets in Bible prove how torah and bible were changed into lies. Someone who murdered the prophets of God and just as to your own faith, who even sold your god jesus just for a fleeting gain, could they have untouched his words? They even sold your god but did not change his words into lies? As Quran says, just for a fleeting gain they sold the verses of Allah, they themselves wrote and said this is the book of God, and etc, just for a fleeting gain and what a misarable gain!!!

He keeps talking about numbers 31 and the 3 years and 1 day. Not even close.

aaaaaaand that’s a fail for Kenny a bigger fail for Muhammad and an epic fail for Islam xD

“You just don’t understand” -every Muslim

Lol i love it… the muslim talking about his own sources and religion says …“im here to establish reasonable doubt”… all ham to allah!!! Thank you very much kenny bomer for being on our side n being too damn dumb to know it. Also thanks alot for the laugh all ham to allah

When you idolize somebody you tend to be UN-OBJECTIVE. Kenny Bomer claims​:lying_face: “if Aisha was unhappy in her marriage She would have expressed it, nowhere is it recorded”.Classic Hear no evil​:hear_no_evil:, See no evil :see_no_evil:train of thought. Well She didn’t write the histories, and certainly not in a culture where the testimony of a woman is half that of a man.:thinking: ( Yisaiayah 5:20 )

I love Christianity :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: but when I was hindhu (from Indian)

So aisha was a liar , in her own words she said she was 6 years and 9 but hey just saying

When Allah ordered the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to marry Aisha no matter her age but through the Almightys infinite wisdom then we hear and obey.
The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him only did and followed what he PBUH was instructed by the Almighty Himself .

So you think if you read same hadith 3 times in different books it makes it true but the Quran says age of inheritance is age of marraige dont count lol.

Omg his arguement is well… she might have been 11 or maybe even 14…

Notice how Jesus doesn’t need the defense of reasonable doubt… lol

Who sponsored this debate? A community college?

Evil people follow Islam because it endorses evil behavior that evil people enjoy partaking in.

Stop saying peace be upon him… his is a pedophile and murderer. Stop disrespecting the lord by pushing propaganda

Hahaha a reasonable person says a 19 year old being with a 54 year old dude is still disgusting bro. Thank you for confirming what I already knew. MUHAMMED IS NOT A PROPHET AT ALL. JUST A LIAR.

So cut to the chase; by todays standards, Mohammed was a pedophile.

If you are brave enough don’t delete my comment…