DEBATE: Who Was Muhammad? David Wood (Christian) vs. Perfect Dawah (Muslim)

Who was Muhammad? Was he Allah’s final messenger and a true prophet of God? Or was he the most obvious false prophet in history? David Wood (Christian) debates Mujtaba Roozbahani, aka Perfect Dawah (Muslim).

This debate was hosted by Modern-Day Debate:

The Perfect Dawah channel:

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I liked it:“Direct your dawah towards them!” :grin::wink::joy::sweat_smile::laughing::smile::rofl:

Ten years siezed fire treaty that Muhammad broke on its seventh anniversary :grin::wink: there is no bigger taqiyeh than that. The conquest of Mecca was based on breaking this treaty by Muhammad.

Is MUJI from the Terrorist organization, Mujahideen Khalgh of Iran?!?!:roll_eyes::scream::rage::nauseated_face: If the Mujahideen Khalgh of Iran had been the rulers of Iran after Shah, we have been in a situation like Cambodia during Paul Pen era.

Koran, single most misunderstood book in the world and 99.99 % of muslims- have not correctly understood it. Good summary of islam.

How can we stop criticising islam like white sipremacism when not further than this week a Muslim mob killed and burnt a girl for supposed blasphemy and a white supremacist opened fire on blacks.
The difference is that in case of white supremacism, Joe Biden has said on tv that this ideology does not have its place in America. Muslims will never say Islam does not have its place in the world.
That is why Islam as most supremacist, totalitarian, genocidal, mysogine ideology, with the help of internet must be criticised until its absolute death.

Why do Muslim lie like he does do shirk talk noncence like his false prophet did

There’s no one called muhhmad .so who is muhhmad .his real name was quthem.ibn and lahat which means son.slave of lahat.muhhmad not a name it’s a title means praise one dobwen u claim tat than Ur claiming Ur self as god seems like silly quthem could not tell the difference between a name or wat a title was

Mujee gave away the debate and left Islam several time by what he said :heart::latin_cross::fire:

This debate is a joke. David Wood defended his point. The other guy did not. He did the classical Muslim apologetics tactic, divert the conversation. He went into politics, translation errors, etc. This guy really needs to do his homework before debating.

the question is who was Muhammad?

The women and young men leaving Islam do not leave because of politics Muji, they left because their eyes opened to the lies and messed up prophet, verses in your Quran and supporting Hadith’s. The more you defend this religion, the more hypocritical and stupid you look. Allow God’s spirit to enter your heart and compel you to see the real and only truth that is The Christ! Islam will lead you to Hell my friend. Thanks David for loving the muslims so much although they hate you! God bless you for all that you do​:pray::pray:

1:48 Muhammad*

Recently this Muslim guy was spanked so hard by Christian prince with out any mercy :rofl:and also by Hatun and daughter of Christ :rofl:and in his way he’s trying to destroy Islam :rofl:

In the 22 minute the man cries like they always do and somehow played the victim INSTEAD OF defending Islam. That’s just blaming other’s for political problems that have nothing to do with Islam.

David Crushed it, Muji is a confused person trying to make others believe his Confusion

The topic of debate was Who was Muhammad? However i heard nothing from Muji who Muhammad was. So David’s case still stands.

Secondly Muji believes that the Qu’ran needs his interpretation and not the interpretation held for 1400 years.

According to Muji the only ones who can correctly interpret the qu’ran is Allah, Muhammad and people of knowledge. And yet all of them disagrees with his interpretation of the qu’ran

:rofl: his timing; drinking his jihad tears… oh man.

Sorry for the muslim,you look like a nice guy …but stay away from débats

Mujee is reading from prepared speech not a debater. David Wood is still assuming n contemplating, good luck David Wood, wrapped n woody mind.