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Praise The Lord David Sir i am from a hindu brahmin but since i came to know jesus that jesus is the only true god who can give us peace and can take us all then i have dedicated my whole life for the glory of jesus I gave it to Jesus.
I would like to say one thing to all of them that I have changed my mind and my life, not religion, I want to say one thing to all of you too, if you all also accept the words of Jesus and accept Jesus in your life, then your mind too You will change because knowing the truth always changes and improves lifeInstead of fear inside your mind there is faith and peaceBecause Jesus said that I myself am the king of peace
Said one more thing
I have not given you the soul of fear and fear, but the soul of steadfastness and steadfastness.
so jesus is the true lord
If anyone who accepts Jesus in his life will belong to him forever.
Lord Jesus bless you all
From india​:india::pray:

Lol I’m barely seeing this :joy:

David been killed by daniel now ressurected by god :rofl::rofl::joy:

I noticed Christian apologetics comes up short when it comes to the God of the Old Testament’s command to annihilate the various Canaanite tribes. It should be noted that those tribes were a race of Nephilims and not humans, as the scouts reported that they were mere grasshoppers to them. You should include the Book of Enoch in your studies to stoutly defend the Judaeo-Christian faith.

You are cursed, for misleading people. Lying to people, what is wrong with you, guys don’t be blind followers, this man wants to spread hate on humanity.

Jesus Loves You so much He died For You To be forgiven of your sins :pray:t5:./.

David I always pray for you and your family. :bouquet: I would like to mail some information to you. Do you have a post box?
Thank you SO much for walking into the lion’s den all the time, and thank you for making me laugh! :smiley:

David is making money off Jihadies

Why do you debate when you get your ass handed to you, there are channels showing how bad of a debater you are? You should focus on your kids.

To David. May Gid be with you in this debate to demolish stongholds of human reasoning and destoy false arguments…may he bkess you and your family and ps thanks you always not only give good info but you make me laugh with your wit and humor

They will chop your head when they are in upper hand


Why did he choose Dallas(the dying town of JFK)?

David - Where is the Debate with you and Kenny - it’s 5PM?

Bless you, brother! Stay safe over there…

David, is the Debate with you still happening today at 5pm with Kenny Bomer? I not longer see it listed in Modern-Day Dabate? Thanks.

The David’s way of explanation of topics or the way he present his cases is just perfect. Very clear and I’m sure Muslims love David they just are like Nicodemus who sneaked to Jesus at night for wisdom.

Why hasn’t your debates started David?

David, I hope you’ll not let Kenny to filibuster as he did in the first debate.