Debating Dr. Michael Shermer at Kennesaw State University This Monday (October 10th, 2016)

On Monday, October 10, 2016, Ratio Christi at Kennesaw State University will be hosting a moderated public debate between Dr. David Wood and Dr. Michael Shermer on the topic: “Does God Exist?” As part of the debate there will be an open mic Q&A with the audience.

This event is free and open to the public.

Following the debate there will be book sales and signing.

Location: Bailey Performance Center, Morgan Hall.
Time: Begins at 7:00 pm and doors open at 6:30 pm

Was it wrong that I almost skipped all of Shermer’s ranting and just listened to you? Excellent debate! He had nothing to stand on.

David, this debate is now available via Kennesaw State University’s website, so I hope they also sent it to you. Or perhaps you can download it from their site and upload it on your channel.

When’s the debate coming on to Youtube Dave?

Hi David, when are gonna post your debate with Mr Shermer? Can’t wait to watch it

being honest you should pay more attention to atheism than islam, atheism is the growing religion in america, amd it already is the biggestt religion in (western) europe

Is there a video?

Is there a video of the debate?

do you upload the debate? if so… how long till upload?


Anyone have a link?

Will you be debating in Phoenix in the next year or so?

Psalm 14:1 a fool says in his heart there is no God…

There is no God. There is only Brahman.

Wish I could of seen the debate in person. Will it be uploaded soon? Thanks.

“Does God Exist?”
Well, which god are we talking about?

bros, i don’t know if god exists or not, probably, i dont care much, but think about this… if there was a god… i think he would want us all to be atheist. because when a person isnt scared of being judged, when a person isnt scared of hell or punishment or whatever… and when you dont promise some awesome heaven and rewards either… thats when people really show who they are… their true colors. i mean if you are kind to me just because you were promised something in return or because some holy book tells you to than i don’t need your kindness, honestly, its kind of disgusting. i think all people should advance and evolve in a good direction without having to use cheap tricks like fear of hell or promising reward of heaven

I can’t wait to see this debate. I’m an atheist and I really enjoy these kind of debates. However it’s rare that anything new is brought to the table but I’m sure that you will deliver.

Where is the debate?

Have you recorded the debate? Will we be able to see it here?

Hey David. When will this debate be uploaded? Looking forward to watching it.
Greetings from Denmark!