Debating Kile Jones at Arizona State University This Thursday (October 20th) at 6:00 PM

For details: Debate: The Existence of God and the Meaning of Human Life

Will the debate be posted?

For me, there are the four greatest heroes in the world today, who are doing SO much good work that even God himself must be surprised. These four people have enlightened the world more than what other evangelists could have achieved in 10 centuries… and their names are: David Wood, Jay Smith, Sam Shamoun and Nabeel Quraishi…
There were so many things that even I thought i understood but could not explain, but now thanks to you, you all have made my (our) concepts crystal clear. My biggest wish in life to have your autographs…God bless you all. Keep on the great work.

Hi David, I much respect and value all your videos I have seen so far and I expect the rest you have made and will make will be of the same quality and to the point. I could not find a contact button on your website. So, here my suggestion - hopefully you can find the time - to dig further into the Bible. I found interesting things from Rabbi Mordechai Kraft (on Youtube) and from a church that says all 10 Commandments are still valid, and not altered or done away with or nailed to the cross or at least the fourth commandment and still are Commandments, not suggestions. That same church also says God is interested in good health for (his) people, also today, and that He points out what is good for (his) people to eat and drink and what to avoid. As a result it is already shown in studies that those churchmembers across the globe as a group live about ten years longer than average people. That church has schools, hospitals, a world help organisation, universities, media outlets, and it grows by more than a million each year. (it is not the Roman Catholic Church)

what happend?when/where can we see it?bless



Anyone have a link to the videos?
I can’t find this one nor the debate with Shermer.

david wood i have a small question, what is your opinion about the evolution theory of darwin and is it compatatible with creation and christianity.
and could you also make a video on the problem of suffering because that is bottering me a lot.

Hi David. I am Korean-American living in Los Angeles. I would like to share your videos with Korean ministers who are in middle east. May I have your permission to upload your videos with Korean subtitle? God bless you.

Can’t find this, or the MS debate, any help?

How do you, a Christian, explain the 2.8 million year old bones found in Ethiopia, sense Christians believe the earth is only 6,000 years old?

Mr. David Wood I would just like to say that i have enjoyed your show Jesus or Mohamed for a couple of years, satirically. But Bro when I heard your testimony… Respect, might be why some of those ‘‘keyboard jihadist’’ dont wanna meet!lol jk. But seriously I appreciate what you do. I pray for your children daily, and thankyou for being a Christian not afraid of his own testicular fortitude
RRRRREEEEEESSSSSPECT you challenge hard headed/hearted people and continue to Intrigue. GOD speed Bredda

See you tonight.

Secular student Alliance, eh? Into the den of wolves!

I wish it were live streaming because I would set my schedule around it. Will this be available for video streaming here and/or on the University Website?

You’ve been doing a lot of debates recently!
When are these debates going on your youtube channel?

SHOOT! I just moved from Arizona to Michigan. Any chance you’ll be doing anything there any time soon?

David, Can’t you read this? I want to tell you something

One of the Best Informational videos to date. And there have been plenty of excellent ones. Thanks Dave

Jesus bless you and bless your families Amen praise Jesus for his greatness